Plastic Surgery In The Summer

Summer is the time not only for joyful splashing in the sea and sunbathing, but also for serious contraindications to some laser procedures, as well as increased dryness of the skin. We shall give you the cosmetologist’s useful tips after your Khorat nose fix (แก้จมูก โคราช which is the term in Thai)

Useful Tips For Summer Cosmetology

In the summer, we more actively lose moisture, and the skin begins to age faster. The most important treatment should be biorevitalization based on hyaluronic acid. Radiance will quickly return to the skin by stimulating the production of collagen, and at the same time you will receive protection against the appearance of age spots.

In general, injection procedures – contouring, botulinum therapy, mesotherapy, biorevitalization – can be performed 12 months a year without being attached to solar activity. The same applies to skin reinforcing with threads and non-surgical methods of body shaping (LPG massage and ultrasonic cavitation).

The season of laser destruction of blood vessels, mid and deep peels and photorejuvenation closes in May, before the onset of the active sun. Why? It’s simple: the skin after the laser under the influence of the sun is very prone to burns and severe pigmentation.

Fortunately, the sun and tan will not interfere with laser hair removal using the new Moveo technology! With smooth and beautiful skin after hair removal, you can safely go on vacation. Hair removal Moveo will cope with any hair color, and will give an excellent result on any skin, safely and painlessly.

If suddenly you do not have time to do the last procedure in the course, for example, photorejuvenation, and it falls during the period of active sun, then the recommendations of the cosmetologist should include a sunscreen with a high SPF factor of at least 50, which must be used before each exit to the street.

Sunscreens should not be neglected outside the rehabilitation period. With every decade, the sun is becoming more dangerous, and we are increasingly exposed to UF – radiation. Therefore, our skin needs constant protection just like our Korat Nose (ทำจมูก โคราช which is the term in Thai).

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