Premature Ejaculation Causes – the Most Damaging Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Many men get very upset with premature ejaculation. As a man, you want to last longer but you just don’t and you may not even know the cause. There are some cures and hopes for this men’s issue. I say it is a man’s issue but it does most certainly concern your partner. You want to be able to satisfy them in bed too! So, let’s get started and discuss some of the causes.

Mother Nature

The first and foremost big contributor to the causes of premature ejaculation is possibly Mother Nature. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, but it’s exactly what many sex researchers say. There is nothing wrong with you if you have premature ejaculation. We are designed that way. We are designed to ejaculate as soon as we possibly can. Why? According to the Mother Nature, the only reason for us, like other animals, to ejaculate is PROCREATION. Think about it. If you ejaculate within seconds or minutes…you’re actually improving the chance of passing your genes onto the next generation.

 Wrong Masturbation

What I mean with wrong masturbation here is not that it is wrong for men to masturbate. It has been scientifically proven that masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy form of sexual expression. Ninety-five percent of men begin to masturbate at puberty or their teens, and the majority continues to do so throughout their life WITHOUT negative consequences. So please don’t ever feel guilty if you masturbate. What I mean with wrong masturbation here is that you do it far too frequently and far too quickly, for example, more than 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 365 days a year, and ejaculate in less than 2 or 3 minutes. When masturbation is done too frequently, it has a high risk of becoming a substitute for other forms of sexual activity and that’s really a problem. And when you do it so quickly, you actually program your sub-conscious mind to ejaculate as quickly as possible. This is really a mistake that you have to stop or avoid NOW.


The third big contributor to the causes of premature ejaculation is very popular among those who fail at the first time or from time to time, it’s the anxiety and fear of failure. It is fear that they will fail again, and they really do. They fall into the so-called “fear of failure” cycle. For example, when you come so quickly for the first time, then you feel very anxious for the second time, and the more anxious you feel, the more likely you will come quickly. And you will never get out of this cycle until you find a way to stop your anxiety before having sex.

These are three most popular causes of premature ejaculation. There are some other causes which are pertaining to physical factors and very rare, such as hormonal problems, injury, inherited traits, a side effect of certain medicines, etc.

Similar to using desensitizing creams and gels, this is the act of focusing on something other than the actual intercourse (such as a disturbing image or someone unattractive). This deprives one of the pleasures of the experience, although this would be a better alternative as opposed to using desensitizing creams and gels. I would hope you would be engaging into intercourse with someone you are actually attracted to. Robbing yourself of the pleasures of the sex is not ideal.

If you want to work on lasting longer then try some meditation, yoga and help to cure premature ejaculation cause and symptoms in the body. You can practice whatever stress-relieving technique that you can possibly think of to help with the problem.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a wearisome dilemma that a lot of guys deal with, and it also could absolutely be discomforting and annoying. Although the major causes of this disorder are not so obvious. This condition can be treated with the great Ayurveda medicine See here now to get this medicine. This condition does take place before penetration, during the course of arousal or very soon after penetration. Unfortunately, this always happens before couples get any satisfaction from their encounter. Visit Rasyog for the Ayurveda medicine.

According to some studies, up to 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation at some stage of their life. Because of this widespread problem, a number of premature ejaculation treatments have been developed. But do you know and choose the right for your disorder. Click here and you will get the right treatment for your disorder. In relation to a male having PE, most medical treatments do not truly work because they only try to get rid of symptoms and not the root cause of the problem this why you need the Ayurveda cure to have a complete treatment.

There are also quite a few natural and herbal premature ejaculation cures and medicine that have been used around the globe. Ancient Indian texts and Ayurveda are the principles and herbal medicine potions that are of great utility in the treatment of these problems. Over the years and centuries, these have been passed down as very effective treatments that you can gain knowledge about, and use for your benefit.

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