A Natural Aesthetic Intervention To Solve Breast Asymmetry

The vast majority of women have some degree of breast asymmetry, and, in general, this situation is usually experienced quite naturally. However, in some cases, this natural asymmetry appears in an excessively marked way and is experienced by the patient as a real problem.

This situation is the source of essential complexes and self-esteem problems since the difference in shape and size between the two breasts can be very evident in swimwear and even street clothes. It can also be a source of insecurity in personal and sexual relationships.

When Is The Ideal Time To Have Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

Regarding the ideal time to undergo surgery, for this reason, we must again refer to the diversity of origins of this pathology. In general, we must wait for the moment when the breast has fully developed, around the age of eighteen, to undertake the surgery.

Breast asymmetry is a source of significant complexes and insecurity in many women, but in most cases, it has a solution. In any case, it is essential to consult the problem with an mtf surgery specialist as soon as it appears and, jointly, agree on an action plan, either immediately or deferred.

How Can Breast Asymmetry Be Treated?

It is crucial to know that each case of breast asymmetry is different. While some patients will benefit from implantation of different size breast prostheses in one breast and the other, other patients will require more in-depth surgery of their mammary glands and others will obtain better results with a reduction or elevation of their breast. In general, in all cases, a different intervention will be required in each breast to achieve symmetry.

This is because, breast asymmetry can have different origins that should be treated as needed. That is why it is of great importance to consult with a plastic surgeon who can diagnose exactly what type of problem we should treat in each specific patient.

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