Know some of the stunning features of the new novo smok kit

Master smok pod makers are back with yet another awesome reliable pod tool, the novo smok. It can produce gratifying lung vaping directly along with massive, flavored clouds. The integral battery is 450mAh. Its tank capacity is 2ml. With 88.3*24.3*14.3mm dimensions, it’s a stellar pod system. With the abundance of refillable pod products to choose from, it can be a daunting task to pick the best one for you. SMOK is back with this portable and superlight cloud chucker. It can set itself apart from the rest by dint of its ability to produce airy and big direct lung connections and hits.

The new devices

You can also check out the brand new pre-filled smok pods with new flavors. In addition to the wonderful color options, you have X2 refillable pods in the groove. Pod devices that you can use for DL vaping are quite rare. You have only a couple of products that are currently available in the market. These products can sync really well but renowned manufacturers SMOK have admirably managed to induce and pack copious pounds of sheer cloud power into the pod’s 24mm/88mm frame.

The notable features

Weighing as little as 40 grams, the concerned pod system is ideal for a person who wants top-class quality of box-mod. It can create direct and fantastic lung hits. The portability is like that of a premium JUUL pod mod. Novo has an internal battery of 450mAh, which is more than enough to sustain throughout the day. You have no buttons to regulate or control the product’s settings. However, the product provides you with 10-16 wattage of output power. The range depends on the charge level of the battery. You must know the right time of plugging-in the battery and recharging because it comes with a tiny, color-changing LED indicator light on the pod mod’s side.

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