The Right Options for the Disable Care Now

When compiling a daily diet, certain rules should be followed. At least one hundred and twenty grams of protein of plant and animal origin should be present in it daily. They can be obtained by consuming milk, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. It is important that the patient receives no more than 100 grams of fat per day, otherwise he will develop obesity. Most fats are found in carbohydrates, so they can be consumed no more than 500 g per day. At the same time, they cannot be completely excluded, since the diet of the elderly must certainly contain vegetable carbohydrates that provide the body with energy and remove cholesterol.

To strengthen the immune system, a sufficient amount of vitamin C must enter the body. Its daily rate is one hundred and twenty grams. In order for the body to receive the necessary amount of this vitamin for it, a lying elderly person needs to be given parsley, onions and sauerkraut. From the Assistansbolag Stockholm this is essential. From diet to every type of deals, you will have tio leave it to the professionals.

Possible complications

Poor or unskilled care for a disabled person of group 1 can cause the following complications:

  • Eating disorders that can cause constipation. If this problem occurs, laxatives should be used.
  • Impaired functioning of the respiratory organs. Immobility can cause stagnation in the lungs and the development of pneumonia, which occurs in bedridden patients in a fairly severe form.
  • The deterioration of blood circulation, which can cause pressure sores, which are difficult to cure.
  • Complications that can cause metabolic disorders and malfunctions in the functioning of various body systems.

Preventive measures to prevent pneumonia and pressure sores

Measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of pressure sores in bedridden patients should be taken constantly. They arise due to the lack of normal air exchange in certain places and constant pressure on them. If bedsores are not treated on time, they will quickly turn into very painful ulcers.

To prevent the occurrence of pressure sores, the patient must be systematically turned to the other side, monitor for the absence of folds in bed, massage in problem areas and treat them with camphor alcohol. Also, special rubber circles, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, are suitable for the prevention of pressure sores. Lay these circles under the places where bedsores may appear.

To eliminate the recently appeared pressure sore, the problem area of ​​the skin should be dried with a napkin, and then treat this place with synthomycin ointment. After the ointment is absorbed into the skin, the treated area is sprinkled with baby powder. The resulting ulcers are treated with Solcoseryl gel.

To prevent the appearance of stagnation in the lungs and the development of pneumonia, the patient needs to provide more movement. If this is not possible, the bed patient should periodically inflate balloons.

If it’s impossible to care for a bedridden person

Not everyone can provide complete, competent care for a bedridden person at home. Usually there is simply not enough free time for this. The elderly themselves, unable to move independently, are also often embarrassed by this condition and do not want to bring unnecessary trouble to their relatives. A way out of this situation can become a specialized boarding house.