Gender Change Woman To Man

Gender reassignment can be considered if a person feels that they belong to the other as their physical gender. The measures are possible under certain conditions from woman to man and vice versa. During the sex change from woman to man, the penis and testicles can be surgically simulated, the internal genital organs removed and the breasts reduced. In addition, treatment with hormones is carried out so that some other sexual characteristics adjust the beard growth.

When Is A Gender Change Carried Out From Woman To Man

Gender reassignment surgery must be considered very carefully because the initial state can no longer be reached later. The intervention comes into question if the biological gender contradicts one’s gender perception. A person who feels like a man is, so to speak, “trapped” in a woman’s body. If this has been the case for a long time, a sex change can be considered with a thorough examination of the circumstances.

There are several terms that describe the facts. On the one hand, the expression intersexuality means that gender cannot be clearly defined. Both female and male sexual characteristics can be found on the body. Affected people are also called hermaphrodites. On the other hand, transsexuality means that a person feels that he belongs to the other as his physically pronounced gender. There is a wish that the opposite sex is also physically present. Transgender is a general term that means that a person cannot or only partially identify with their gender role.

The male to female sex reassignment surgery is therefore possible in principle for intersex people and trans men (woman-to-man transsexuals). Incidentally, surgery with similar principles can be carried out if the genital organs are destroyed after an accident or illness

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