Everything you need to know about Fractional Co2 Laser Therapy

Fractional Co2 laser is not your ordinary laser treatment. The laser here is fractionated to treat you better. You are effectively breaking down laser beams to tiny follicles. When running on your body, they are always alternating. Thus, there is treated as well as untreated areas. The untreated areas help the treated areas to heal quicker than usual. The healing time is at least thrice shorter than usual.

All-in-1 option

Only Aesthetics’ Fractional Co2 laser can be dubbed as the all-in-1 laser. It can do a lot of things. It’s a perfect choice, if your body is not used to laser. It helps the body to secrete collagen, resurface the skin and tighten up the pores. Removal of dead skin is another advantage. Overall, it’s a progressive advancement to these facial laser treatments. Moreover, the treatment is pretty much progressive too. Simply put, you need a series of sessions to see results. 

Multiple sessions is a must

Most people get excited after the first session. Indeed, the first session delivers some results. Nevertheless, it’s not all, considering what you can actually achieve. Sometimes your skin can be too demanding for multiple sessions. Importantly, skin differs from person to person. Even more, skin can vary in the same patient. The forehead skin may be very different to skin on the cheeks. 

Effective on facial skin

With the facial skin itself, you got a range of thickness and collagen levels. For instance, skin surrounding the eyes are thinner, containing very little collagen. Such are the spots, where it is harder to see results right away. The smiley lines don’t go away at all in some cases. But with fractional Co2 laser treatment, it does get softer. On the whole, it is a more effective laser treatment for the facial skin. 

Fractional Co2 is for everyone

We recommend patients to come for sessions once every year. Regular visits are part of the maintenance. The main advantage of fractional Co2 is you can do it on any skin color. You can do it on fair, medium and dark skin too. Good clinics take utmost care in accessing the patient’s skin first. It is required prior to doing a full-on treatment to the face. Health profile and medications take has to be taken into consideration too. 

Quick and smooth treatment

Before we treat you with laser, we numb your skin with topical anesthetic. After that, your feelings are reduced to a minimum. The treatment itself doesn’t last more than 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, you may feel some mild burns. On any setting, the downtime of fractional Co2 is minimal. You can go from pinkish red to little burned red in no time. There is no blood or oozing on the scene. 

Quick recovery

You can go back to normal in quick time. You will be able to put on some makeup the next day itself. Using sunblock is very important post treatment. It is needed for the next few days, which is considered the healing period. For fractional Co2 laser treatment, give us a ring. You can set up appointments from our website. Stay young, stay beautiful.

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