The Essential Choices for the Bariatric Surgery

You are indeed determined to begin the journey to undergo an operation to lose weight. You enter a long and difficult course. Know that psychological preparation for surgery of obesity is essential for the success of your project. We give you some tips so that everything is going well. With the justified bariatric surgery cost in India you can have the best choices now.


  • Be sure to weigh the pros and cons


You are in a situation of obesity and feel the deep need and desire to lose weight. Before going through the bariatric surgery, be sure to have tried everything (the only “magic wand” to lose weight and stay in the long term being a balanced diet coupled with regular sports).

If you are certain of your choice, find out more, read a lot of testimonials about bariatric surgery, make a conscious choice by listing the pros and cons on a sheet. Once this step is completed, you will leave in good conditions for the future.


  • Surround yourself with a psychologist or therapist


When you begin the journey, you will see that several appointments with the psychologist are scheduled before (and normally after) the operation. They aim to judge whether the patient is mentally ready to undergo any postoperative changes.

It’s good but far from enough. We really advise you to consult a psychologist or a therapist on your side. This will allow you to prepare carefully your change, to address all your fears; you will be much more serene (e) at the time of making you operate.

Of course, post-op psychological counseling is mandatory for 100% success. Again do not settle for mandatory appointments and talk regularly with professional changes in your life, the way you live it.

Of course, as the years go by and if everything goes well, you can space the visits or even take a break but it’s a fact, without any psychological follow-up, the operation is likely to fail long or short term because the reflexes of the “old fat” can quickly come back and you must understand the how of why your overweight to avoid repeating the same mistakes as before the surgery.


  • Psychological preparation for obesity surgery: do not hesitate to discuss this project with all your loved ones


As we know, the subject of weight can be taboo within your family or with your friends. In normal times, we can do the impasse but here you will carry out a project that will revolutionize your life.

Free yourself, do not be ashamed to talk about your disease, obesity. Explain in detail the process and after the operation to your friends, your family. Tell them about your fears, your apprehensions. Conversely, let them talk about how they feel about all this, they too may be afraid for you.

This exchange will be 100% beneficial and will allow you to prepare yourself mentally; you will be much more serene.