Your Options for getting Out from the Drug Abuse Issues

What will you be when you grow up? This is perhaps the question most heard by all children, regardless of their social class. This is because all parents feel a mixture of joy and anxiety as they realize their children’s development. Everyone expects them to become good citizens, but they forget that human development happens in stages, and one of the most complicated is adolescence. With the rehab for drugs this is the best choice for you now.

The Adolescence Period 

Adolescence is a very special and confusing and complicated time in the life of the individual. It is at this stage that young people tend not to accept guidance because they are testing the possibility of being an adult, having power and control over themselves. At this stage, it is quite common for them to “naturally” move away from the family and join their peer group.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines chemical dependence as a chronic progressive disease, that is, that worsens over time and that if left untreated can generate other diseases, which even allow the death of the user.

There Is No Cure But There Is Treatment

Unfortunately, there is no cure for drug addiction, however there is disease control with treatment. The brain changes caused by the drug are largely irreversible. The brain keeps a kind of “memory” of the drug for life, so even drug addicts who have been detoxing and have been drug free for decades will certainly return to the same pattern of use the substance if you try it again.

How Treatment Must Be Made:

The treatment should be multidisciplinary, involving psychiatrist, psychologist and other professionals. The use of medication, depending on each case, can be of great importance as it helps to curb the desire to use and decrease withdrawal symptoms.

Hospitalization, both voluntary and compulsory, is an instrument of immeasurable importance in selected cases. Staying away from contact with drugs in the initial period of treatment is critical to successful treatment.

In addition to hospitalization, medications and other resources used by the multidisciplinary team, family support is fundamental in the treatment process. The family needs to be involved and encourage the addict to seek their salvation.

Because of this, first and foremost, family members need to understand that drug addiction is a disease and not a moral deviation. At the same time, along with this support, there must be a firm posture of family members to not allow the patient to manipulate them. It is a difficult balance to achieve and a challenge, especially for parents or spouse.

In addition to support, the family is also essential for applying the best treatment method, which must be individualized for each specific case. The recovery of a drug addict in the case of hospitalization for substance abuse is linked to the addict’s life history, the more the patient’s history regarding family, upbringing, culture and others, the better will be able to diagnose the cause of the addiction. patient’s drug dependence and promote their recovery.