Comparing How Different Rehabs Work

Addiction treatment programs provide the patients with a way to recover and find out why they are addicted. There are several approaches that offer them a new life and better way to live without negative coping mechanisms. Comparing how different rehabs work shows the individuals what to expect from all approaches.

Religion vs. Science

When approaching a rehab program, it is best for the individual to understand if the program is based on science or religion. With science-based programs, the patient addresses biological changes that drive addiction. With religion-based programs, the individual surrenders their life to a higher power and follow the principles of Christianity. Evaluating each of the programs makes it possible for the patients to determine what option is more appealing to them. The way patients respond to treatment might involve their own set of beliefs, and it is not a great idea for a treatment center to impose altering beliefs on the patient.

Inpatient Detox Vs Outpatient

Inpatient detox requires the individual to stay in the facility for at least a month without visitors while the alcohol or controlled substance is eliminated from their bodies. Patients are monitored frequently by the staff to ensure that life-threatening conditions don’t develop. Through a religion-based program, the patients aren’t given any medications to help them with withdrawal symptoms.

Science-based programs allow the patient to go anywhere in the facility. They recommend that the patient stays in the facility for at least six weeks, but the process is completely voluntary. The facility provides medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who are interested in the program contact ARC for more information.

Group Counseling vs. CBT

Traditional programs require group counseling for all patients and don’t give them a choice. Alternative programs require the individual to participate in several forms of individual therapy to help them manage negative thoughts and behavior patterns. The focus is on improving the individual as a person and then finding out what they need in life to make it possible for them to be happier in their lives. Therapy gives the patient a chance to evaluate their own life and determine what course they want to take when it comes to family and career choices.

Following God Vs. Following Your New Life Path

Following religious programs require the individual to conform to the teachings in the Bible. They must follow these strategies when attending AA or NA, too. Through the program, they learn to live through Christ and repair their life through his lessons.

With a science-based program, it is important to determine your own life path and start the steps necessary to rebuild and become more fulfilled. The individual seeks their purpose in life through themselves.

Addiction treatment programs offer a better way to manage addiction and start over. The opportunity shows the patients how biological factors play a role in addiction. Therapy helps the individual find out how to live without addiction. Understanding how treatment programs work shows the individual what to expect. Individuals who are facing addiction and want help contact a counselor now.

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