What is the important history of laser eye surgery that you do not know?

The demand for laser eye surgery has increased for almost two decades. If you are thinking to undergo the procedure, then you should consult any of your relatives or friends who have undergone laser eye surgery. The procedure of laser eye surgery is your life changing process but it also has many types of myths in question.

If you have been using glasses or contact lenses on your eyes for a long time and now you want to get rid of it, then you must know laser eye surgery cost before undergoing the procedure. And before anything, sure to read this blog as it will give you the necessary information related to the procedure. Here is some essential history about laser eye surgery that you might not know.

Vision correction surgery has developed since the 1930s

Do you know when laser eye surgery procedure was not available then radial keratotomy ‘technique was used? When you get your eye surgery done, eye surgeon tries to remove incisions from the (cornea) surface of your eyes with (scalpel) fixed hands. This type of procedure was difficult and dangerous, but it emerged as a successful result that allowed the surgeon to get the (cornea) surface of the eye and give it back again reshape. The biggest lesson in the success of all these processes goes to real technology.

Initially laser eye surgery techniques were not used for eye surgery

This technique did not work in the initial phase of eye surgery. Then in the 1980 period, an IBM scientist invented a microchip in the microscope circuits that helps with the Cataract Surgery. The advantage was that it could cure organic tissue without disturbing its surrounding tissue. In fact, he also succeeded and laser surgery techniques were used for the eyes.

Eye laser correction process began about thirty years ago

Today, the procedure of laser eye surgery has been provided systematically all over the world, but do you know its first patient was performed in 1985 that lives in the city of Dresden, Germany. Later, this procedure was named as ASLA or LASEK, and has been doing a detailed practice of this surgery for a long time.

Technology never stops

Since laser eye surgery was first used, many techniques of laser surgery have been developed since then. In addition, the laser eye surgery team has more than 30 platforms available.

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