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Life in the Big Apple is challenging with all its hustle and bustle and its high-pressure lifestyle. When it becomes overwhelming, consider working with the top Jungian analyst NYC has to offer.

Jungian therapy is not the same as other types of therapy in that it deeply examines personal and professional issues well beyond the surface level. It aims to discover complexes to aid in your healing in a creative and productive way. Additionally, it helps you to establish and maintain great relationships.

When you first meet with your analyst, it’s important to create a strong, positive connection because you want the healing process to begin in the right way. Healing is not likely to come without this positive relationship.

Through Jungian therapy, you’ll learn to accept the inner truths that your wiser unconscious self already understands. Dreams are important as they typically illuminate the gaps between consciousness and these inner truths. Therapy will help identify problems connected to the attitude of our consciousness.

Dreams are extremely useful in your Jungian therapy. While you may not always remember your dreams, you may find that you begin to remember more as you proceed through therapy sessions. If you remember a dream you have before meeting with the analyst for the first time, please share it in the meeting. This is critical for therapy and healing to move forward productively.

However, don’t despair if you don’t dream often or if you can’t remember every time that you do. Jungian therapy can still help you experience healing in a real way.

Your therapy sessions with your analyst will typically take place once a week. If you and your therapist find that meeting more often is beneficial, you can work with them to customize your schedule. Sessions usually occur face-to-face in order to establishe a personalized and therapeutic environment. However, you and your therapist may find that a different arrangement is better for you both.

  1. G. Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who lived between 1875 and 1961. He deeply understood the human psyche, and he believed that the psyche is based on a broader unconsciousness everyone is part of. Complexes occur when there are disconnects between how we perceive the outside world and the expectations we have of our basic inner consciousness. The self is important and controls the patterns of our fundamental inner human consciousness.

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