The Best Hearing Doctor Rockville MD Offers

If you want to get a free hearing screening and consultation or new hearing aids, you should visit the hearing doctor Rockville MD residents – and those throughout the Washington, DC area – rave about. We are proud to offer the best in diagnosis and treatment of all types of hearing conditions, and we also offer hearing loss rehabilitation. We have received more than 1,000 five-star testimonials from our patients, and we are proud to be the best in the area.

We have excellent audiologists who provide superior care and service. Our physicians, nurses, and office staff have been working in the field of audiology for years, and they build upon their extensive experience to make their customers happy and satisfied.

You can come to us for more than just a hearing test. We offer a complete range of audiology services to take care of all of your needs. For example, if you need hearing aids, we can help you select the right ones for you. There are dozens of types, brands, and models, and they each created to serve a particular set of hearing conditions and situations. Choosing from among them requires professional knowledge, and we are happy to help you select just the right ones that will work best for you.

Even if you have bought hearing aids from another source, we offer servicing and repairs for all brands, types, and models of hearing aids and devices. We’ll work with you to repair it, no matter its age or working condition. We can often fix problems with hearing aids right here in our office without having to send them out for repairs. If you have hearing aids that need more extensive repairs or for repairs that are covered under warranty, we can send your hearing aids to the manufacturer for you with a description of the problem.

Additionally, we provide tinnitus treatment, which means that you can potentially learn to better cope with the ringing you constantly hear in your ears. Sometimes, it may be so loud that you can’t hear what’s going on around you, and we can help you with that and other problems related to tinnitus.

If you work in a field where hearing loss is very common, you may consider visiting us to get hearing loss protection and custom earmolds. This type of preventive care is essential if you’re a singer, stage tech, work with heavy machinery, or perform other similar types of work where the decibel levels are high all day long.

For the best hearing doctor Rockville MD provides, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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