Why Exercise Matters for Your Vascular Health

Vascular ailments can exert a profound impact upon an individual’s health. This brief piece will provide an overview of vascular disease and explain how exercise can be important to preventing or curtailing symptoms associated with such disorders.

Overview Of Vascular Disease

Vascular ailments are any type of malady that impacts someone’s blood vessels such as veins and arteries. The blood vessels transport blood to and from the heart and play an integral role in providing the body’s cells, tissues and organs with oxygen and other nutrients essential to basic life functions. Vascular maladies could inhibit the body’s ability to perform said function and result in serious, potentially life-threatening problems.

Specific Types Of Vascular Diseases

Arguably, the most common manifestation is coronary artery disease. The coronary arteries are situated inside the heart and the ailment occurs when said structures become blocked by cholesterol-causing plaque. If left unchecked, said illness could result in heart attacks and even death. Another common form of vascular disease is stroke. Stroke occurs when blood vessels in the brain become occluded.

That said, vascular disease also might impact vessels in other bodily regions. Damaged or occluded structures occurring outside the heart or brain is known as peripheral artery disease. Sometimes impacted vessels can become bulged or stretched. Said condition is medically referred to as an aneurysm. In other instances, blood clots of occluded or damaged arteries have the potential to travel to other parts of the body and impact other major blood vessels. Said condition are called embolisms.

Associated Symptoms

Specific physical manifestations will often be dictated by the exact bodily location the blood vessels in question are situated. That said, common symptoms of vascular disease could be chest pains, breathing difficulties, numbness or coldness in limbs or skin and unexplained fatigue.

Causes Of Vascular Disease

Blood vessel ailments could be precipitated by many different issues. However, the most common eliciting factors include high blood pressure, elevated blood concentrations of bad cholesterol, cigarette smoking, poor dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

The Importance Of Exercise

Physical activity can play a significant role in preventing or curtailing the severity of various vascular illnesses for many reasons. Those who exercise burn excess calories. Said action might prevent the accumulation of fat and the increased body weight that places greater strain on the heart and blood vessels. Physical exertion also strengthens the body’s muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Moreover, exercise stimulates and improves smooth blood flow.

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