How to Lessen Your Chronic Anxiety

Researchers have pointed to the fact that the link between cannabis and anxiety is rather complicated. For some users of cannabis, one small puff of their chosen strain is enough to bring relief to some of the worst effects of anxiety, such as reducing feelings of worry and stress. But, for others, using cannabis sometimes results in increased feelings of anxiety, and can even result in paranoia. This is why selecting the right strain is so vitally important. Therefore, we would recommend that you select a strain that has a low concentration of THC, with a high concentration of CBD instead. But, certain strains that are high in THC do help, so don’t discount them entirely.

Make sure you begin by first checking your tolerance to strains that have higher levels of THC, then you can begin experimenting with different strains to find a strain that reduces your level of anxiety more than any other.

So, which strains should you try? Here are the strains recommend.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a great strain for those of us who have social anxiety. This is a particularly difficult condition to treat, as you want to remain alert in order to be social, but you also want to feel relaxed so interacting with people isn’t a problem. This strain is a Sativa, but we feel that it walks the line in terms of keeping you both energized and calm.

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For more severe cases of anxiety, we would recommend that you turn to the ever popular ACDC strain. This strain has a high concentration of CBD, with a low level of THC. In fact, ACDC can have twenty times more CBD compared to THC. This means there is very little psychoactive effect, making it perfect for anxiety sufferers. From personal experience, this strain allows you to feel relaxed and allow you to maintain a clear head.

Jack Herer

This is a Sativa strain that is characterized by a high concentration of THC. Sure, Sativa’s tend to have a cerebral effect that results in increased pace of thought, but many people have found success with this strain. The feeling of euphoria that you experience with this strain neatly flows into a calming influence, which is then able to reduce your feeling of anxiety. This effect is similar to what users of Northern Light report, which is the parent of Jack Herer.

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