UnHealthy GMOs

Did you know that GMOs are in many of our daily foods and vitamins? Did you know that there is really no long term studies on GMOs and they really have never been declared safe by the FDA. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms.

Basically, they are when scientists genetically change the biology of a plant or animal in order to increase production. One of the most well known GMO projects is the Roundup Ready crops. This is when they genetically modified beets and other crops to be “Roundup Ready.”

That way farmers could spray the weed killer Roundup without killing the crop. Although it seemed at the time a great option to help farmers be more efficient at raising their crops, it unfortunately opened the door to many other GMO crops and products that are proving to not be as good for our health as they are for production.

Just Being Aware

GMO production and processes are all relatively new. The GMO science is a fairly new science that currently does not have a lot of studies. Although it is exciting to have new revolutionary sciences, it opens the door for problems as well.

One major problem is that consumers in the United States of America and parts of Europe are just plain out not aware of GMO’s in their products. Because it is not required to be advertised on the packaging. So you really don’t have the choice to be aware of what GMOs are going in your body, because there is really no standard effective way to be made aware via labeling.

This is unfair because consumers should have the choice of whether or not they want to take the risks of putting un known products into their bodily systems. There needs to be a better and more standard way of labeling products that have GMO products in them.

Other Agricultural Consequences

Unfortunately, the consequences of GMO crops are not just in the systems of the people eating GMO food. It is also on the farmland and farmers that are utilizing the GMO products.

Because changing any small piece of an environment can have a huge effect on the entire system, this is proving to be true with GMOs as well. The small change of a genetically modified crop is killing off the healthy and natural grasses and plants.

Which then throws off the entire ecosystem all the way to the livestock and wildlife that eat the plants. Also, the GMO of cattle feed is affecting the way that cattle grow. Throw in the introduction of hormone boosters to make livestock grow faster and larger, and you have the perfect circle of unhealthy food being brought to consumers table.

The GMO products that are being sprayed on the crops are also causing bad pollution and affecting people, creating allergies and illnesses that doctors have not dealt with before.

Being Aware of what is in Your Vitamins

There really is no product that is unaffected. One area of the market that is being overloaded with GMO materials is the vitamin industry. There really is not a lot of monitoring by the FDA or any other government agency of vitamins.

Taking vitamins that have been tainted by GMO products can affect your health in negative ways. Your thyroid will be the most affected. The main job of the thyroid is hormone regulation and production. GMOs have been proven to interrupt and cause problems in the hormone production of your body. This is why you should try a GMO free thyroid supplement. GMO free supplements for your thyroid are often filled with Iodine and Ashwagandha root. Both products have been proven to increase thyroid production as well as help your thyroid stay healthy.

Vitamins are unregulated and are often filled with GMO products because it makes production cheaper and more efficient. Be aware of this. Do your research online before purchasing any GMO free thyroid supplement.


In the end, GMO’s were once thought of as the new and best technology. However, as time goes on it is proving over and over that GMOs can cause major issues from the consumer’s body to the farmland that GMO products are being produced on. As a consumer, be aware of the fact that GMO products are not being labeled accurately and are sneaking into our daily diets.

Along with this, GMO products are showing to increase allergies because of this major change to the products proteins and how it affects the way the body processes the product. Do your research on any product, vitamin or mineral that you purchase or consume. You may be surprised at the amount of unhealthy GMO’s you are consuming. It is never too late to make a change!

Kenneth Bennett Atticus

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.