Perfect Treatment for the Scalp Acne Option from the Shampoo

This simple treatment is first aid for any scalp itching, irritation and scaling, no matter the cause. 

The scalp is itchy, oily or oily, with dandruff falling on the shoulders. Surprisingly many Finns suffer from various scalp problems and many treat the symptoms in good faith incorrectly.

 There are many misconceptions about scalp problems. Many people think that frequent washing of the oily scalp will increase the amount of oily skin, or that washing the dry scalp should be avoided to prevent the scalp from drying out. However, the opposite is true.

The Expert wants to clarify a couple of other common beliefs

Wearing a hat or other headgear does not incubate the scalp, nor does it affect flaking or greasing. Instead, a cap can prevent the sun’s good effect on the scalp during summer. Nor can any special diet or even vitamin and micronutrient supplements affect scalp problems, he says.

The scalp is easily left with less care than the rest of the skin. However, when the scalp symptoms appear, you should not suffer from them. Most often, help is available at the pharmacy. We encounter these problems on a weekly basis, and can help with choosing the right shampoos and grooming products, for example. If necessary, we will refer you to the doctor’s office. The use of the scalp acne shampoo happens to be quite effective now.

Shampoo according to the scalp

Scalp problems can be divided into three types, the most common of which is itchy and scaly scalp. The other two are rarer but at least as embarrassing: the so-called sensitive scalp and scalp follicles.

Dandruff occurs when the scalp is either too oily or too dry.  Atopic skin may occasionally be present, or sometimes rarely psoriasis, but the most common cause is seborrheic eczema. The sebaceous glands in the scalp secrete a large amount of sebum, which allows the scalp fat yeast to multiply. The skin gets irritated, starts to flush and flakes, explains the expert.

  • The first and most important treatment for scaly scalp is the addition of washings.
  • If you do not wash your hair, the fat yeast will grow faster and the process will nourish itself.
  • Increasing the number of washings is also a priority treatment when the scalp is itching due to atopy or psoriasis.
  • Both the expert remind you that you can wash your hair with shampoo if needed, even every day.


When the scalp is heavily greasy, you should choose a shampoo for a greasy scalp. Gentle and moisturizing hair care products for dry scalp that restore the natural balance of the scalp, dry scalp should be treated like dry skin moisturizing. For very scaly scalp, specialty dentifrices containing ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione or selenium are available in pharmacies. the expert advises using one of these preparations 2-3 times a week.