Top 10 Home Remedies For Anal Itching

Anal itching can occur at any age. It can be a painful and embarrassing health condition. But don’t worry. There are many home remedies and treatments that can provide relief to patients.

The medical term for anal itching is Pruritus Ani. Basically, it is an intense itching that occurs in the rectum area. And it is followed by a strong desire to scratch the affected region. This condition is more common in men than women.

The most popular home remedies for the itchy bottom are:

  • Avoid food allergen

Stay away from soda, beer, liquor, carbonic beverages, coffee, and alcohol. You have to avoid also spicy foods, chocolate, tomatoes, and dairy. Implement these restrictions for at least 2 weeks. And when you begin to consume these foods and drinks again, pay attention to its impact. If any of the used products causes you discomfort – eliminate it from your diet. You may be allergic to it.

  • Natural food remedies

Increase intake of garlic, oatmeal, aloe vera, yogurt, or coconut oil. These products are perfect home remedies for itchy anus.

  • Make sure the anus area is well wiped

Wipe your rectum area regularly to build tougher skin. If you don’t wipe yourself well, it may lead to severe anal itching. Make sure there is no fecal matter left on the skin, otherwise it can result in infection.

  • Use damp toilet paper

Moisten the paper before you use it to clean your rectum area. This way you will be able to remove all of the fecal matter. This will effectively reduce the chances of developing Pruritus Ani. But after using damp toilet paper, make sure that you wipe with a dry one for the final time to reduce moisture in the area.

  • Dry it well

Always dry your bottom well, otherwise, it can cause irritation. It is a good idea to use baby powder to keep the place dry.

  • Don’t scratch it

Scratching can only worsen the condition, so avoid it at all costs. Take a cold shower to rinse the area thoroughly. This will relieve the inflammation that leads to the itchiness.

  • Use unscented soaps

Avoid using perfumed soaps. Often they cause irritation to sensitive skin. So unscented soaps are your best choice.

  • Petroleum jelly

This is the easiest way to soothe the anal itching. Apply the petroleum jelly carefully to the irritated area. You will experience immediate relief. The jelly will create a lubricating layer between the cheeks of your butt. Because of this, the friction and irritation will be reduced.

  • Control your stress levels

One of the easiest ways to overcome Pruritus Ani is by managing your stress. Chronic anxiety and stress affect your hormones, which can impact your nerve endings in a variety of ways.

  • Movement is important

If you are constantly sitting, this may result in sweat in the rectum area and pressure, which will lead to inflamed and irritated skin. So get up every few hours to walk around. That way the skin near the anus can get more blood flow to it.

Anal itching is a condition that brings discomfort. By applying some of these remedies you are going to relieve the irritation and itching. If it continues for more than two weeks, you need to go and see a doctor. Check here to get a better solution for itching issues.

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