Dr. Jordan Garrison: An Expert Physician at the Metro Vein Center

Dr. Jordan Garrison started to practice his medical profession 25 years ago. Fast forward to the present, he is still providing his services to the people who wanted to see him. He has a certification for practicing vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, and general surgery. His journey in the field of medicine began when he was serving as a trainee resident physician for the New Jersey Medical School, located in the city of Newark, Jersey. Many people have given him a positive review because of his approach when checking the patient. Dr. Jordan Garrison understands how standing in front of a surgeon at a surgery table feels like. The doctor said that empathy and compassion are two of the most important characteristics of humans, and people should engage in more activities that would promote companionship. His clinic is located in Hackensack, NJ, and he would check everyone who has a problem with their veins.


He became a part of the Metro Vein Center because he wanted to expand his knowledge when it comes to the circulatory system. According to him, the study of the arteries, veins, and capillaries are very difficult because of their small size. A microscope should constantly be used inside the laboratory to keep track of the changes that are happening with his patients. The Metro Vein Center is one of the highest rated facilities in the country that deals with problems on the veins. Patients who wanted to see vein doctor Dr. Jordan Garrison should always bring their identification cards, and set up an appointment with his secretary.


What are the reasons why people start to develop varicose veins?

Varicose veins can be noticeable on women who are above 50 years of age. Aging is also a factor to consider when varicose veins develop on the legs. The people who have this condition should be happy knowing that in the 21st century, there are medications available for those who are affected by varicose veins.


There are many reasons why the legs would suddenly display a pattern of blood vessels, particularly veins. It happens if the person has been standing and sitting for a long time. This scenario is more common in the field of transportation, especially when people are sitting inside the plane for so many hours. When this happens, the passengers are being encouraged to raise their feet and hands, and try to move it slowly but surely. For those who are performing office works, they should also stand up to minimize the impact of tired veins. When people overwork, they are forgetting how to take care of their bodies. This would result in a poor health assessment, and the conditions would start to become worse.


People who have been diagnosed with varicose veins should do everything for them to lose weight. Overweight people have more chances of developing the condition because of the pressure applied to the feet, and sometimes, the body would not be able to sustain the weight. If the legs have been abused, varicose veins would start to pop out of nowhere. The patients could also opt for a series of medical treatment, but it would be too costly.


Other things to remember if you have a varicose vein:

If you developed this condition, there would be no cure and you would need to learn how to live with it. However, the chances of the vein developing into a varicose vein are small if the people would learn how to exercise and eat a balanced diet. It is important in all aspects of life, and we should continue eating healthy to avoid other health complications that are putting us at risk.

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