Things to know about CBD before using them

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is an extract of a Cannabis plant, predominantly hemp plants. CBD is helpful in various medicinal issues like the treatment of cancer, depression, anxiety, and many more diseases. But CBD is not psychoactive like Marijuana, and you will not get that high feeling. There will also be no mood alterations. 

How can you consume CBD?

You can consume CBD in many forms. Some of these forms are smoke, vapes, oil, and edibles. Edibles are becoming popular since there are many advantages like smoke-free intake, no spill-out issues, etc. 

What are the different types of CBD?

CBD is of different types based on the method of protection. The three types of CBD based on the production processes are Full spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. You should go for a full spectrum CBD for better results. 

What are the types of CBD based on origin?

Based on the origins of the parent plant, the CBD products are divided into three types. They are the Cannabis Indica plants, Cannabis Sativa plants, and Hybrid strains. Cannabis Sativa is originated from the warmer regions of Mexico and South Africa, providing CBD rich flowering tops that will be useful in medicinal products. In contrast, Cannabis Indica plants come from the colder regions of Afghanistan that provide shorter plants rich in THC content.

How do they categorize CBD products based on the constituents?

Cannabis plants have different constituents, and the extracts will not have all of them at once. Based on the composition, the CBD products are classified as THC dominant, CBD dominant, and Balanced CBD/THC. THC dominant flowers will have high THC content, more than 0.3% that will make you high soon after the intake. CBD dominant plants will have more CBD content helpful in medicinal products manufacturing. Mostly, CBD rich extracts will be from the Hemp plants, and THC-rich flowers will be from Marijuana plants. Balanced CBD/THC will have both the constituents in equal amounts to provide combinational properties of them. 

What is the difference between the hemp and Marijuana plants?

Hemp and Marijuana plants are both belonging to the Cannabis species. But they are different from each other in terms of composition. Hemp plants belong to the Cannabis Sativa species, and they will provide high amounts of CBD content. Marijuana plants will come under both Sativa and Indica species, providing THC-rich flowers. 

What are the health benefits of CBD products?

Cannabidiols are helpful in various medicinal treatments because of their nature. You should use CBD-rich flowers instead of THC products to enjoy the following benefits, CBD can help in treating cancer, chronic pain relief, diabetes treatment, stress, and anxiety relief, improving lung capacity, and in losing weight. Apart from CBD, other constituents in the products like terpenes are also beneficial for humans in terms of treating various health issues. Terpenes can act as anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants, anti-cancer agents, and much more. However, if you take THC rich CBD products, you will have some adverse effects.

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