How To Use Cannabis For Cancer Treatment And Management

You know cancer and its devastating effects on the affected. The damage happens both to the young and the old. The economy isn’t left out as many workers become redundant due to the condition. Other family members leave their jobs to take care of their loved ones.

The challenge to cancer treatment remains as there’s no known cure.  You’ll need to manage or get treatment at earlier stages. But you can get relief with medical cannabis which you’ll buy from dispensaries or order online and get a New York cannabis delivery service. 

Medical cannabis is a milestone in the medical world; can manage various conditions. Using it to treat and alleviate pain can be relieving to the patients. Symptoms associated with cancer include chronic pain, inflammation, and nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, and depression. All these falls in the category of interest for medical cannabis. The treatment can be categorized in three ways,using THC: CBD content.

Cannabis strain with higher THC

Cannabis strain targets the symptoms of cancer and not treatment. The strains provide a therapeutic effect on cancer patients. You can use strains with higher THC to CBD such as super lemon haze used instead of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The cancer treatment methods leave the patients drained of all energy,nauseated, and in pain. The lemon haze strain is used when the patients reach the critical stage of radiation and chemo treatment.

You can receive the cookies and creams with higher THC. These strains help treat the symptoms of cancer such as insomnia, nausea, and pain. The cookies are full of aroma and flavor and will be an alternative for any treatment offered for cancer. When THC is high, you’ll also get high forgetting the pain and nauseating symptoms.

Cannabis strain with higher CBD

ACDC and remedy cannabis products contain a higher CBD than THC. ACDC medical strain is a hybrid with low traces of THC. It targets the nerve pain and applied after the treatment of cancer. It’ll alleviate the pain from the strenuous chemotherapy sessions. The high CBD levels numb the pain and give a soothing feeling to the patient. You’ll get relief from the discomforts and pain after the tiresome exercise of receiving chemotherapy.

Remedy cannabis can be used as a sedative. It can be applied before treatment to relieve the patient of surgeries that can be performed like removing cancer tumors. The strain targets inflammation and nerve pain during treatment. 

Cannabis with hybrid CBD and THC

Northern lights hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains. With a balanced THC and CBD levels, northern lights try to reduce the pain as well as make your swelling go away. The relief plus getting high is an experience a cancer patient would want after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The discomfort caused even on surgeries when patients require sedation can be balanced with northern lights strain. If you have got a marijuana card you can order the cannabis products through New York marijuana delivery. If you want a balanced treatment with both THC and CBD, you’ll have to involve your doctor. Let the prescription consider the stage of cancer you’re in.

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