The All-Natural Products Everyone With Dry Skin Needs

The global skincare industry was valued at a whopping 123.81 billion dollars in 2018. This value is expected to surpass 179 billion dollars by 2027. 

With so many natural skincare products and information available, how can you decide which is best for you? If you have dry skin, it can be even more difficult to find natural products that moisturize in all seasons. Have no fear. 

This article has the top all-natural products and ingredients for those with dry skin. If you’re looking for ingredients that make you look glowy and moisturized, look no further. 

1. Glycerin

As a top rejuvenating ingredient for skin, glycerin is moisturizing, cleansing, and all-natural. Also known as glycerol, this ingredient comes from animal fats and vegetable oils.

Used with other skincare products, this ingredient can trap in moisture and nutrients necessary for healthy skin. When using pure glycerin, you may consider diluting it with water or another natural moisturizing lotion. This can ensure that your skin has no irritation or other negative reaction. 

Glycerin can also help create a natural protective skin barrier. This barrier can block harmful pollutants from entering the skin and keep moisture in. 

2. CBD 

Have you ever heard of CBD? This natural ingredient of the Cannabis sativa plant is all the rage with holistic health and beauty enthusiasts.

CBD skincare is so popular due to its moisture, rich nutrients, and soothing effects. This ingredient comes in a wide variety of products like oils, lotions, creams, and bombs. For dry skin, CBD creams and balms may be a top option.

You may be wondering, “What is CBD balm?” This guide can help you learn about the many potential health and wellness benefits of CBD balms and creams. 

When using CBD balm for dry skin, you may feel the calming, cooling, moisturizing effects of this powerful ingredient. 

3. Oatmeal

If you’re looking to treat dry skin in a natural way, you may already have a powerful ingredient in your kitchen. Oatmeal is a popular skincare product for its ability to treat inflammation and remove dead skin cells. 

For an exfoliating oatmeal skin treatment, add uncooked oats to a warm bath and rub them on your skin. Then, rinse your body off and notice how much smoother and moisturized you feel. 

For anti-inflammatory uses, oatmeal can help normalize the skin’s pH levels and soothe dry skin. First, blend oats with milk until it forms into a paste. Then, rub the paste across the irritated area for soothing results. 

Before applying oatmeal to inflamed skin, test the mixture on a small area to ensure no negative reactions. 

4. Jojoba Oil

Another dry skincare ingredient, jojoba oil is packed with fatty acids and antioxidants.

One aspect of jojoba oil that makes it so powerful is that it mimics the structure of human sebum. Sebum is the yellowish, oil-like substance found on the surface of the skin. This substance helps seal in the body’s natural moisture. 

When using products for dry skin, it’s important that they will provide moisture and nutrients without clogging pores. Since jojoba oil is so similar to sebum, you can have glowing skin without the breakouts. 

Use All-Natural Ingredients for Dry Skin Relief

Everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in. Consider including glycerin, CBD, oatmeal, or jojoba oil into your routine today. If you suffer from dryness, these all-natural products can help you get the moisture and glow back into your skin. 

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