Kratom High: How You Can Avoid Abuse and Enjoy the Benefits

The kratom tree is native to areas in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Papua New Guinea. Leaves from this tree get extracted and consumed through tea or as food. Compounds in the leaves have been known to enhance the mood.

This mind-altering effect has prompted its recreational use. Alternatively, kratom is used to treat health concerns.

However, using kratom irresponsibly can lead to a kratom high.

Thankfully, there are methods of using kratom safely to receive numerous health benefits. Keep reading for all the need to know information on kratom!

Kratom Benefits and Effects

Kratom is a stimulant drug. Stimulants increase the activity of the central nervous system and body. The use of stimulants promotes the release of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for making us feel pleasure and satisfaction.

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This euphoric effect is what makes kratom so popular among recreational users. Additionally, it may be used to improve sociability or enhance physical endurance, which can improve sexual performance.

Stimulant effects also boost focus and cognitive ability.

Medically, kratom reduces anxiety and depression. Kratom has also had success in relieving pain due to chronic health conditions. Some have even used kratom to assist with opioid withdrawal and addiction recovery.

The same properties that produce these benefits can also lead to dangers with irresponsible use.

The Kratom High

Does kratom get you high, and if it does, does kratom get you high like opiates?

Yes. Kratom can affect the brain and body similarly to opiates. This means, consuming high quantities of kratom can produce the same dangers as opiates.

Common negative health effects of kratom include intestinal problems, such as nausea and constipation. Other effects may be dry mouth, dizziness, muscle tremors, or seizures. 

Taking kratom for an extended time or in the wrong doses also contributes to negative effects.

Drugs that have opiate-like effects change brain chemistry. Eventually, the brain begins to expect the presence of the drug, and dependence forms. Therefore, people may experience kratom addiction or withdrawal.

The positive effects of kratom may motivate users to take larger quantities of the drug, which has the potential to cause an overdose.

Safely Using and Obtaining Kratom

To get the positive health effects of kratom without being at risk for the dangers of addiction and overdose, it’s important to use kratom safely.

The first step is educating yourself on the potential benefits and dangers of the drug. This will clarify the proper dosages for use.

As far as safely obtaining kratom, it’s important to buy high-quality kratom. Find kratom online that is fresh and comes directly from the growers. Many users notice a difference between the effects of fresh high-quality kratom and kratom that is several weeks old.

Avoid kratom advertised with strange names that give the impression of increased strength. The best kratom strains will promote need-to-know information, such as color and origin.

Use Responsibly

When chasing a kratom high, or the positive health benefits of kratom, it’s important to be cautious. Understand the potential risk factors of kratom use. Perform due diligence to ensure the kratom you’re consuming is safe.

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