Not Everything That Points To Ill Health Is The Cause Of It!

Every so often studies are released about health rates and cause of illness as well as about the difference it can make depending on where you live. Are these correlations a good indicator and correct? Are particular places better off because they have more sunshine than others? Could it be that chronic illness is more dominant in areas where more elderly people are living such as retirement villages etc. as studies are telling us health risks increase with age? We know that smoking is far from being healthy, but is it really as bad as they are telling us it is?

As in areas with heavy industries and environmental pollutants it’s a foregone conclusion that health risks are far higher. It seems that certain departments don’t want us to know about all the risk factors that can affect us such as pesticides, food additives, contaminated personal care products, and toxic in drinking water, environmental pollution etc. The biggest percentage of illness is created by man, our self; there is nothing in the natural environment that causes chronic disease or cancer. By looking at reports from past and present, the rhetoric, the statistics, don’t support the theories about many health issues and health situations. There are many things pointing to sickness or becoming ill from it but actually not the cause of it.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Statistics don’t support theories about sickness. Who has actually got it right? Will they continually change the goal posts while the game is in play? What could be more natural than sunshine, and yet we being told to cover up: Always wear protective clothing including a hat with a broad rim and sunglasses, use a sunscreen SPF 30+ or higher. Apply sunscreen before you head outdoors and reapply regularly. Early morning or late afternoon are the safest times being out as the UV is highest in the middle of the day. All this is wrong according to latest research and more recent update information. It seems some health experts are lacking behind of latest developments and haven’t discovered the secrets of vitamin “D” as yet. Some countries who get enough sunshine during the year are fortunate in activating their skins own vitamin D production which is vital to overall health. What is surprising, places with more sunshine than others are among the lowest rates of cancer. This makes the theory of some experts questionable that more exposure to sunshine equals more cancer. As more evidence of this comes to light we learn that vitamin D is absolutely crucial to health, therefore more sunshine and more vitamin D protects against cancer and illness. There is another one of my articles with more information about this, it’s called: The Sun Is The Protector Not The Cause Of Skin Cancer – with more specifics about skin cancer, melanoma and the role vitamin D plays in all of this.

Has science gone up in smoke?

Is it right in telling everyone that drinking, smoking and eating are the only causes of disease and chronic illness? Most things in excess are harmful and yet using them in moderation has a totally different outcome. As an example let’s look at smoking: It’s unhealthy, and if you are a smoker every illness that comes along smoking gets the blame for it. Such messages that say who smokes will die from it and non-smokers will live longer. There are many other things at play as well. Tests have shown that smokers who smoke only half a pack of cigarettes per day did not suffer from more health problems than a non-smoker. Cigar and pipe smokers on average, according to tests, are actually healthier overall than none-smokers. The report also says that moderate smoking and drinking is relaxing and can help to relieve stress, and stress is one of the hidden killers. Cigar smoking celebrities seem to have something in common with this report; there are many who reached a ripe old age, the likes of Winston Churchill under stress during the war, reached an age of 91, George Burns lived to 100 surrounded by cigar smoke. Smoking was a strong link to lung cancer, but not according to the latest statistics. There are more reported cases of lung cancer of people who never smoked in their lives than of smokers. What is the solution? If you are a non-smoker, never take it up! If you are a heavy smoker cut it back to a safer level and use it to your own advantage, or give it up. There are many more other hidden dangers affecting our health than smoking that better be avoided.

Kenneth Bennett Atticus

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.