Need for regular dental checkups

Regular dental checkups are very important just like health checkups, to check for any dental problems or diseases. Cavities and gum problems can be easily detected during the checkups and treated immediately. It also includes checking face, throat and neck for any signs of major diseases. Your dentist will also discuss your oral habits and hygiene and how you take care of your teeth and gums, the ways you brush your teeth, your diet and other things.

A dental examination can help in detecting any abnormalities or diseases and help in curing them as soon as possible. Delay in treatment will only increase the damage and more dangerous conditions like loss of tooth. Your bad oral health could also be the result of your some other health problems.Dental exam will aid in finding the root cause of such problems.

The ways for dental examination are as follows:

Dental impression-In this procedure your dentist will take an impression of your jaws and make an exact replica of your teeth and tissues. Your bite can be evaluated by this method to check for any anomalies. A gelatin type of material is filled in a horse-shoe shaped tray and put over your lower and upper teeth. The trays are removed after few minutes with the impression of your teeth. The dentist Niagara Falls might ask you to bite lightly on the tray to examine your bite.

Oral cancer-The dentist will also evaluate your jaws, inside of your cheek and lips, tongue, neck and throat for any signs of cancer formation. Even if there is a slight possibility that you might be having cancer cells in your mouth or areas near the teeth, the doctor will immediately recommend necessary medication or even operation. He/she might also take an x-ray to closely observe your dental structure, the tissues and jaw bones, the tongue for any signs of any disease.