5 ways to avoid getting sick while travelling

It’s that time of year where Aussies are packing up their bags and spending their winter months on an international summer holiday in Europe, the US, or just about anywhere northof the land down under.

However, nothing spoils a long-anticipated holiday abroad like getting sick. The greatest remedy is prevention, so here are some top tips from home doctor experts at House Call Doctor to avoid getting sick while travelling.

Drink bottled water

In many foreign countries, it’s unsafe to drink local water. Be sure to keep hydrated with bottled water while you’re travelling. You should also be wary of eating food that has been rinsed with tap water, as you will also be vulnerable to potentially harmful bacteria.

Get recommended vaccinations

The experts at House Call Doctor recommend doing your research on your destination to ensure you get vaccinated appropriately for where diseases such as hepatitis A, yellow fever or polio may be present. Some countries even require proof of vaccination before you can enter.

Be sun safe

After escaping the Aussie winter, it may be tempting to soak up some European sun, however it is still important to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget to slip on sun protective clothing, slop a SPF 30 sunscreen, and slap on a hat to avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Wash your hands

A key way to avoid the spread of infection is to wash your hands. You may want to pick up a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in your bag and take wherever you travel so you can keep in control of your hand hygiene.

Stay fit and active

Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your immune system and avoid infection. Hike up a mountain, have a swim, or go for a riverside jog. With all the sightseeing and exploring awaiting on your holiday, this should be easy!

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