How to Train Like a Professional MMA Fighter In Hong Kong

If a person wants to have a toned body and learn some defense skills, they should look into training like a UFC fighter. These fighters need to have high endurance and strength. The best personal trainer in Hong Kong can help a person learn how to train like a UFC fighter.


When working with the best personal trainer in Hong Kong, the first thing they will want a person to do is build up their endurance through interval training. A person will work out with intense but short bursts of energy. A person may do dumbbell squats, walking lunges, then squats again. These exercises are done in sets with a 30-second rest between the sets. A personal trainer can also have a person walk on a treadmill then have them run as fast as they can for a minute. They will go back to walking again. This will be repeated in sets. A personal trainer will help a person find the interval program that works best for them and works out different muscle groups.

Strength Training

The best personal trainer Hong Kong will put a high focus on strength training. This will help a person increase their power and muscle mass. The trainer may suggest a person perform strength training exercises four days a week. One day will focus on the muscles in the chest and triceps, the next day will work on the back and the biceps. On day three, they will focus on the muscles in the shoulder. The fourth day will work on the leg muscles. The trainer will have a person perform various exercises including dips, bench presses, curls, and other exercises using weights.

Strength and Stamina

A person cannot train like a UFC fighter without learning some fighting techniques. There are many different skill sets to select from and many different areas of technical training to focus on. It is recommended that a person works on sparring. This will allow them to work on a technique, get moving, and reduce the risk of an injury. A person can spar with a bag or they can work with their trainer to help increase their movement. The trainer will teach a person different techniques, and they will practice these techniques.

Proper Diet

A good personal trainer will help a person with their diet and help them make lifestyle changes. They will recommend switching to healthy fats such as fish or coconut oil. A person should increase their intake of lean meats and vegetables. It is also essential to stay hydrated. Water is the best thing for the body. It will provide hydration, flush out the toxins, and do not have calories. A person may need to drink anywhere between 2 to 6 liters depending on the intensity of their workout.

Work on Weaknesses

Every person has an area that they struggle with and they are not that strong with. The personal trainer will help a person identify their area and will develop a plan for improvement. At least one workout a week should be dedicated to improving this area. A trainer will develop an exercise that will allow a person to improve upon this area. The workout will focus on this weakness, and they will continue to do this workout until it no longer holds them back.

If a person wants to lose weight and get into shape, they should train like a UFC fighter. The workouts are intense but effective at getting into shape. The best personal trainer can help a person develop their workout and will teach them how to train like the fighters in the UFC.

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