Are there any harmful effects of laser tattoo removal treatment?

Tattooing has started in the Neolithic era. Archaeological findings and evidence like mummified skin and ancient arts support this fact. Mummies with tattoos were found in many countries like China, Siberia, Egypt, Philippines, Sudan, and Mongolia. Some natives tribes in Malaysia and Indonesia also practice tattooing. Tattooing is part of their culture. We can still observe this till now. Influenced by this culture, modern people start tattooing to express their identity, feelings, or just for fashion. There are many reasons people go for tattooing. However, certain religions do not allow tattooing. Tattooing increases the risk of bloodborne infections like hepatitis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. Treatment for tattoo removal is available for those who want to get rid of any tattoos on their body.

  Tattooing is the act of putting ink beneath the skin permanently. It can be symbols, wordings, or images. 1 out of 4 people regrets the act of tattooing. People who want to remove their tattoos are even more than that. There are many reasons they want to remove tattoos and one of them is regret. Laser treatment is one of the ways you can get rid of your tattoos. Laser tattoos removal will remove your tattoos effectively and permanently. High-intensity light beams are produced by the probe to break down the ink located below your skin. Generally, black tattoos are easier to remove compared to colored tattoos. Colored tattoos will require a special laser with certain wavelengths.

  There are other methods of removing tattoos like dermabrasion, excision, and salabrasion. However, laser treatment is the safest way to eliminate tattoos from your body. Medlite laser treatment is the example of laser tattoo removal procedure. The chances for you to develop side effects are very low. In isolated cases, you may develop side effects like:

  • Infection on the site of removal
  • Permanent scars formation
  • Remnants of tattoos which fail to be removed
  • Skin hypopigmentation
  • Skin hyperpigmentation

  Some people require more sessions than others. The number of sessions needed to effectively remove your tattoos depends on many factors. The factors are the color of the tattoos, the size of your tattoos, and the duration your tattoos are stuck beneath your skin. The depth of the tattoos and your natural skin color can also affect the number of sessions required. The laser treatment will breakdown the ink and this ink will be absorbed into your bloodstream and later eliminated from your body by various means.

  Yellow-colored tattoos and tattoos containing high levels of titanium dioxide are difficult to eliminate. Before the procedure, painkillers will be applied to your skin to prevent pain or discomfort during the procedure. The results are immediate and an 8 weeks gap from one session to another is required for skin repair to take place. Usually, many sessions are required to effectively remove your tattoos. Without topical painkillers, laser tattoo removal can cause pain. Do not be afraid, as you will not suffer from any discomfort during the procedure with the help of topical anesthetic agents. Treatment for tattoo removal can help you to remove your tattoos permanently. Laser tattoo removal is an affordable procedure and will not burn your pocket.