How to Find the Right CBD Wholesaler

With the CBD industry growing exponentially, a growing number of people are being hit with FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome and attempting to get into the market. With wholesale CBD becoming more affordable than ever, we have created this guide of things to consider when looking to purchase cannabidiol wholesale.

What Products are Being Offered

With the US Farm Bill of 2018 legalizing industrial hemp farming, so long as the plant contains less than .03% THC, you’ll want to know the following information when buying CBD wholesale. What is the THC content? If it is anything above the .03%, you break the law where marijuana is not legal for recreational use. Any pesticides? All cannabidiol products should come from organically grown hemp, so if any pesticides have been used, it’s best to stay away. When searching for your wholesale CBD supplier, full-spectrum is the gold standard.

Pricing and Selection of Products

Certain CBD wholesale distributors will claim a wide selection of products; however, they don’t provide this selection when buying in bulk. Such organizations have a short-term look of business and are in it to make a quick buck. Examine closely what wholesalers offer and ensure it alights with your needs and the needs of your market.

Fast Shipping is Ideal

As a CBD seller, you need to receive your product as quickly as possible because your business depends on quick resale. Picture this, a customer orders 500 bottles of CBD, and you have nothing in stock. To make it worse, your wholesale distributor has delayed sending your product. You’ll end up with a negative customer experience and review. A reputable wholesaler will ship quickly and sometimes for free. Whole distributors that an extra 10% are trying to squeeze for every penny.


Merchandise can live or die on the strength of its marketing. If you align with a wholesale distributor with excellent marketing, it becomes easier for your company to breakthrough. Good marketing informs customers about the potential effects of cannabidiol, all while making them curious and itching to buy.

At the end of it, your CBD company will only be as good as the products it sells combined with the quality of your marketing. When you want your margins to be low, you need to consider everything. That is why it is vital to your company’s success that you find a wholesale distributor that can provide you with the best possible deal without sacrificing cost for quality.

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