Can Detox Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

People buy detox green tea for various of reasons. Some are simply looking to maintain their weight while others are in a fight with obesity. Some are simply obeying the doctor’s directive to lose weight for health reasons. 

Whatever the reason, weight loss isn’t easy and more often than not, it leaves many unsuccessful and frustrated. The diet plans and extreme work out plans won’t be effective if one does not burn more calories than they consume. There are additional helpful steps that can help you along with the hard work that goes into weight loss. One of them is taking detox teas. 

How Does Detox Tea Help With Weight Loss?

Detox tea provides a kick start that any person wanting to lose weight is looking for. It loss helps in getting past the weight loss plateau that many go through during their weight loss journey. 

Slow metabolism in one of the hindrances to weight loss especially after 30. Metabolism boosting tea activates your body to burn more calories even when you are inactive. The increased adrenaline levels also help in breaking fat down.

Detox tea is generally low on calories. By replacing your favorite drink or snack with detox tea, you are able to keep your calorie count down without even noticing it.

How Can One Drink Their Detox Tea?

Replace Your Favorite Drink or Snack

During detox, take a cup of Celerity Detox Tea with a light breakfast. Replacing your usual morning coffee with a detox tea means starting off the day with a natural digestive aid. Due to its nature of having you feel full throughout the day, detox tea curbs your tendency to snack hours after your first meal. 

In an effort to ensure you are taking enough calories, it can often be difficult to keep yourself in check with overeating on a regular basis. One way to combat overeating is taking a cup of detox tea that instantly kills your desire for unhealthy snacks. Detox tea for weight loss can be used 2-3 times a day by simply adding hot or warm water! 

While detoxing it is important to stay well hydrated by taking plenty of water to help make the process seamless.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a weight-loss method that has been scientifically proven to improve cerebrovascular and cardiovascular health. When done in conjunction with taking detox tea, the weight loss process is enhanced.

Detox teas supplement a fasting plan y providing nutrient-rich, low-calorie drink options during your fasting hours.

Reducing Water Weight

Detox tea has recently become very popular due to its ability to reduce water weight in the body. When your body notices certain ad eating habits such as high salt intake, it automatically retains most of the body water. Combining detox tea with other liquid-rich foods such as vegetables and smoothies are a perfect way to start your weight loss journey. 

An increase in the amount of water intake inherently leads to more sweat and urine, flashing out any unnecessary body fluids. As a result, there is noticeably reduced bloating and sweating.

Effective Tips for Using Detox Teas for Weight Loss

While detox teas pull a lot of the heavyweights, they are not a miracle liquid. You need to actively fuel and treat your body right in order to supercharge the benefits of detox teas. These are ways through which you can get the most out of your teas while maximizing its results.

  1. AM vs PM Detox

Most of the detox teas in the market are broken down into AM and PM regime. While AM detox teas contain fat-loss, energy and metabolism boosters, PM detox teas contain detox and cleansing agents such as laxatives and diuretics. 

AM teas set your body into a fat-fighting mode and increase your performance whereas PM teas help in calming and relaxing your body. They also induce bowel movement anywhere from 6-12 ours once consumed. The calming effect of PM teas helps people who have trouble sleeping and reduces the risk of having a heart attack. 

  1. Brew with Care

Most slimming teas have their specific directions on how one should brew and drink it. At the top of the list is the care to be exercised when brewing it. Boiling water isn’t the best due to that catechin chemical present in such teas. Instead of pouring boiling water over your tea, allow your hot water to cool down for about 10 minutes. Let it sit for about a minute before taking it. Depending on how strong you like your tea, the brewing time can be longer or shorter. Of utmost importance is letting the hot water sit before pouring it over your tea leaves.

  1. Drink up

We cannot emphasize enough on the need to stay hydrated when detoxing. Most of the time, you will be losing additional water through cleaning. It’s advisable to take at least 9 cups a day to avoid potential side effects. 

  1. Exercise

Exercising does don have to be a rigorous activity that lasts for hours on end. Something as simple as a 30 minutes’ walk can do wonders when combined with detoxing. Work at least 3 times a day and allow your body to rest.

  1. Feed Your Body Well

Taking digestive cleanse teas creates an opportunity for your body to get rid of any bad habit you may have created over time and start embracing healthy, nutritious ones. 

Work on eating whole foods such as nuts, fruits, lean proteins and fruits. Avoid processed foods and snacks that have a surplus amount of sugar and sodium. Besides, who needs all those weird chemicals used to preserve such foods?

  1. Sleeping Beauty

To enhance the functionality of your body, allow it to have enough rest at night. Aim to have at least 8 hours of solid sleep and your body will thank you!

In Conclusion…

Detox teas help bring the best out of you. The naturally cleanse the body and boost your weight loss process without having you breaking the bank. If you are looking for the best detox tea for you, we recommend detox teas from Celebrity Detox Tea. 

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