How Bunions Can Affect Your Quality of Life

Foot pains and injuries have the potential to reduce your quality of life, especially for people who live an active lifestyle. Aching feet can hinder you from working or doing chores efficiently, especially if your tasks standing for hours or walking around. Because of this, it is important to address any source of foot pains.

One of the most common issues that can cause discomfort on these parts are bunions. If you feel numbness and soreness on your feet, then you might consider getting them checked by a podiatrist in Wellington FL. Here’s what you need to know about this 

What are Bunions?

Bunions, or hallux valgus, are deformities in the bone structure of your foot characterized by bony bumps on the side. These are usually found at the joint of the big toe, but some also develop this deformity at the joint of the small toe or bunionettes. When you have this type of distortion, you will observe that the affected toe inclines toward the neighboring toe, creating a bump.

You can develop a bunion or bunionette because of the bone structure of your feet, which you inherit from your parents. An overpronated foot or one with a low arch or uneven weight-bearing can increase your risks of getting this. Hypermobile big toes or those that move more can also increase your risks.

Arthritis, nerve and muscle medical conditions, injuries, and wearing high-heeled and narrow shoes can also act as risk factors for developing these deformities.

Effects of Bunions in Everyday Life

Aside from its appearance, the most notable thing about these deformities is that they cause pain, numbness and swelling on the affected toes. This can restrict movement, especially when standing, walking or running. Because of this, you can expect serious effects on your daily living.

  • Difficulty in Doing Tasks

People who work jobs that require constant standing or walking such as retail assistant, waiters, nurses and doctors may have a hard time performing tasks on foot. 

  • Reduced Physical Activity

Any workout routine or exercise that requires you to stand, walk, or run can be painful, which can decrease the type and amount of physical activities you can do without hurting your feet. 

  • General Pain 

Individuals with bunions or bunionettes are likely to suffer from aches and pains even after doing activities that triggered discomforts.

The pains caused by untreated bunions and bunionettes can definitely affect your daily living. To reduce the effects of this deformity, make sure to seek help from a foot doctor near you

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