For the Right Treatment of Anxiety

At the risk of surprising you, walking is one of the most beneficial stress relievers when we are at bay and everything irritates us. Choose a quiet and bucolic place. Walk slowly, focusing on your strides and breathing.

Do your negative thoughts invade you? Don’t try to avoid them. Return, as soon as you can, to the sensations you experience as you focus your attention on your strides, your breathing, the wet grass under your feet, the song of a bird, the rays of the sun slipping through the trees.

Are you there? So you walk in “full consciousness”

In 2010, a team of renowned psychologists studied the impact of the “mindfulness” therapeutic approach on mental health in students. The results only confirm the interest of using this therapeutic method to significantly reduce stress and anxiety and thus control them. For the anxiety counseling  this is important.

Be “anchored” to cure your anxiety

  • Nothing is going well and you are on the verge of exhaustion?
  • Do you suffer from stress and anxiety and feel like you are “beside your pumps”?

You lack anchor

Anchoring is a brief therapy and one of the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques that allow us to observe and improve our perception of ourselves and of others. To be grounded is to be connected to the earth, just as the tree is rooted in the ground.

The deeper the roots, the more solid the “foundations” and the more “present”, confident, fulfilled one is. Clearly, it is living “here and now” , body and mind firmly in place and feet firmly attached to the ground.

Why learn to anchor yourself?

Anchoring helps to secure, face hardships without wavering, not to be “caught up” by emotions and to make the right choices.It is also beneficial for acting with common sense and lucidity.Finally, it is an excellent tool to let go.Whether you are sitting, standing, lying down, in the subway, in your car, at the office or at home, you can practice anchoring.Several anchoring techniques exist. One of the easiest exercises to perform is to:

  • stand up
  • have your feet flat on the ground and imagine that they have roots

As you breathe deeply, you visualize your feet rooting deep into the ground and you visualize the energy flowing through your body through the roots, passing through your legs, pelvis, thighs, back, your arms, your bust, your head, to the roots of your hair.

And the result is there. In a short time your tensions decrease and you relax

The Theraserena program to fight anxiety

It is our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, which shape our behavior. And when there is an anxiety disorder, these phenomena are exacerbated and the best way to appease them is to analyze and understand them.

This is what Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (CBT) offers. The idea is to focus first on the automatic thoughts and often mistaken and negative beliefs that the patient cultivates about himself, others and the world.

The next step is to develop alternative patterns and behaviors that are much more in tune with the patient’s environment.

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