Everything you need to know about CBD!

Cannabidiol products are taken and applied by people to treat different symptoms. However, the use of cannabidiol products is still controversial because no clear research is made so far and we are not clear about how it affects the human body.

Cannabidiol products have some health benefits for sure but there are some risks as well which we must know.

We are going to explain the basics you need to know about CBD and how it is used for different diseases.

The prescription use of the CBD is authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

CBD oil

CBD is one of the many compounds which is known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants. Natural CBD therapymakes use of this CBD oil and a lot of researches are also made on its usefulness. CBD oils contain the concentration of the CBD.

Is CBD marijuana?

Cannabis was previously known for the THC in it which is the most active constituent in marijuana. Marijuana contains THC and CBD both which have different effects on the body. THC creates a “high” when a person uses it but THC-free CBD is used in the medicines and for curing certain symptoms. CBD does not change the state of mind of the person when they use it as the THC does.

CBD also produces some changes in the body and most of the researches suggest that these changes have medical benefits.

Origin of CBD

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, the same plant contains THC as well. Cannabis plants are mostly referred to as marijuana. The farmers mostly plant the cannabis with higher THC in them and the same plants are also used for creating the CBD oils.

How it works?

All the cannabidiol products including the CBD affect the body by attaching themselves to certain receptors. The human body starts producing different cannabinoids on its own as well. Mostly two receptors are attached to it which is called cb1 and cb2.

Cb1 receptors are found in the whole body but most of them are in the brain. The cb1 receptors which are mostly present in the brain deal with the movement, pain, coordination, emotions, thinking, mood and memories. THC is also attached to these receptors and it creates a sense of high.

Cb2 receptors, on the other hand, are commonly present in the immune system of the body and help in reducing pain and inflammation.

Previously it was believed that the CBD attaches itself with these two receptors but now it is believed that it does not directly attach itself to any of this receptor. It mostly directs the body to use its cannabinoids.

There are multiple benefits of the CBD but as the research is limited, the user should be limited to that with the consultation of the doctor.

If it is used with any other medicine, it can trigger negative results as well which may become dangerous for your body. Make sure that you are using the CBD products safely and with the consensus of your doctor.

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