Benefit of buying wheelchair accessible vans

The lack of available transport has an effect on people with reduced mobility to extremes. Moving around the city to go to work, take a walk, travel or shop are daily activities that are difficult for this group, which reduces their autonomy, independence and freedom.

Fortunately, society and the authorities have become aware of this problem and have put to work to break down the barriers of mobility. Today we have adapted vehicles, private transport and adapted public transport that can be used by people with reduced mobility in much of our geography.

Buying a wheelchair accessible vans, as well as buying any vehicle, requires special consideration before making the final decision. An important point will be the type of life you are used to leading and of course, your specific mobility needs. Depending on what results from these considerations, a rear-entry wheelchair vehicle may be the best option for both you and your family.

Why choose a rear-entry wheelchair van?

Do you live in an urban setting where parking lots are unavailable or the traffic level is high? Do you travel a lot for work / family / business? Who will be the main driver once he acquires an adapted rear entrance vehicle?

These are all questions that should be asked when choosing the most suitable wheelchair vehicle to meet your requirements. After consulting with one of our mobility experts and concluding that a wheelchair vehicle with rear entrance is ideal, you will see that these come with a varied list of benefits.

Some advantages of wheelchair vans with rear entry are:

  • Easy access in parking in narrow spaces or areas where lateral entry is reduced.
  • It usually requires fewer modifications than wheelchair vans with side entry, which makes them the most accessible option.
  • Easy entry and exit (less need to maneuver).
  • More seating arrangement options (can be adjusted to fit your entire family).
  • Increased availability of adapted rear-entry cars from major brands.

Wheelchair accessible vans are Ideal for following

Wheelchair and disabled vans can serve many purposes in your community. These vehicles are ideal for:

  • People who travel in a wheelchair.
  • People with sensory limitations, vision, hearing or speech.
  • Disabled intellectuals.
  • People with heart or respiratory diseases that prevent them from moving easily.
  • Elderly people who have trouble moving autonomously.
  • Pregnant women.
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