What is the post accident drug testing procedure?

To be human is to be at times vulnerable and anxious, and to feel the sensations of pain, isolation, and desperation. Everyone feels these things at one time or another. However, it can be especially acute for some people. If you have suffered trauma in your life, if you have been the victim of abuse or extreme distress, it can generate feelings and emotions that you do not know how to handle. They can also lead you to seek an escape. For many people who have become addicted to drugs, the act of using was a means of escape from life. Acting out in this way is not a sign of weakness. You are not the only person whose drug habit stems from the difficult circumstances of living.

This is one means of developing a substance abuse problem. Another means has been going on for decades and has only just now become public.

You may have suffered an injury. If the injury led to chronic pain, you may have been prescribed opioid-based medication to deal with it. The potency of these drugs has only now become better understood by the public. An entire generation of Americans has felt the ravages of opioid addiction. What started out as the legitimate use of such pills to manage and relieve pain may have become an addiction that has burned out of control.

The good news is that you can get help. And you will need to seek it if you work as an operator of a commercial transport vehicle. Companies in the transportation industry run rigorous drug testing programs. If you have tested positive for drugs, then you will be relieved of your duty. In most instances, you will not be fired but compelled to go through a return-to-work drug treatment process. American Substance Abuse Professionals are at the center of such processes. They can help you get your job back and resume your career.

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Substance abuse professionals, also known as SAPs, are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of drug addiction. They are also certified by the Department of Transportation to work with people in your field. The main aim of substance abuse professionals is to help you get better; it is to help you overcome your drug addiction so that you are fit for duty.

A substance abuse professional will carry out an initial assessment. Based on that initial assessment, which will include a self-assessment, they will send you through a range of treatment programs. You will also be encouraged to depend various support groups. After you have completed the required treatment, you will need to go through a final assessment. At that time, the substance abuse professional will decide whether you are fit to return to work. When they have done so, you will be eligible to resume your duties at the discretion of your employer.

You need not go through the journey of recovery alone. You are not the first person to deal with substance abuse and you will not be the last. There are plenty of resources to help.

Have you tested positive on a drug test? You can get the help you need to return to work. American Substance Abuse Professionals can provide you with the tools to do so.

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