What is ophthalmoplegia?

Ophthalmoplegia [กล้ามเนื้อตาอ่อนแรง, which is the term in Thai] is a condition connected with the weak point or paralysis of the muscles of the eye. It can influence either one or even more than six muscles that manage the motion of the eye and hold it in place. Ophthalmoplegia is usually of two types, interior ophthalmoplegia as well as persistent exterior ophthalmoplegia. Interior or internuclear ophthalmoplegia happens when there is damage to the nerve fibers, which regulates side-eye activity. This can cause double vision. Whereas persistence exterior ophthalmoplegia establishes with drooping eyelids as well as brings about problem controlling the eye muscles, which collaborates eye movement.

The therapy for ophthalmoplegia normally depends upon the underlying causes, signs, as well as type. A lot of times, drooping eyelids can be the primary root cause of ophthalmoplegia; in such cases, the medical professional can suggest a treatment called a silicone sling. This procedure assists in raising a sagging eyelid. Silicone sling treatment can additionally assist in treating an eye condition known as ptosis. Cover crutches or sticky tape can additionally be made use of when the symptoms of the sagging eyelid are not too innovative.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

This procedure can be carried out on both adults as well as youngsters as it is fast as well as a non-invasive treatment. Silicone sling treatment can be utilized to deal with severe blepharoptosis along with weak levator function. Aside from various artificial products, the silicone gives the very best results. Clients with drooping eyelids, severe ptosis, as well as ophthalmoplegia are likewise recommended silicone sling procedures a lot of the moments.

Who is not eligible for the therapy?

Silicone slings are better for kids because they do not want scar as long as adults who might mark at a later age. In a silicone sling procedure, it is strictly suggested for youngsters to use silicone slings rather than other artificial products.

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