What Is Delta-8-THC? 5 Things to Know

Around 12% of U.S. adults smoke marijuana. Learning about Delta-8-THC will expand your cannabinoid options and knowledge.

What is Delta-8? It’s a cannabinoid with a similar molecular structure to Delta-9-THC, which is the more abundant version of THC. However, it has slightly different bond positioning, and that difference imbues Delta-8 with beneficial qualities that Delta-9 lacks.

The cannabis industry is innovating new products every day. You deserve to be in the know about Delta-8 while it’s heating up the market.

Here are five things to know about Delta-8-THC:

1. Less Potent

What is Delta-8-THC in terms of potency? It’s significantly less potent than the THC most people are familiar with (Delta-9).

Delta-8 exists in low concentrations as opposed to Delta-9. Fortunately, it’s possible to convert Delta-9 into Delta-8, which is how many manufacturers create their Delta-8 products. 

The decreased potency also contributes to this other fact:

2. Reduced Anxiety and Paranoia

Some of the biggest benefits of Delta-8-THC are the decreases in anxiety and paranoia. THC is known for increasing anxiety and paranoia to the point where it makes the high unenjoyable. 

Delta-8 offers you a more relaxed, calm experience than traditional THC. This is good for people who feel overwhelmed by traditional Delta-9 products. You’ll certainly “feel something,” but it’ll be nothing like a freakout or anxiety attack.

3. What is Delta-8? Hemp vs. Marijuana Types

What is Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol as a cannabinoid? It occurs in both hemp and cannabis plants. The legality of Delta-8-THC vs Delta-9-THC depends on your local and state laws, but Delta-8-THC from hemp won’t get you high like how regular THC does.

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4. Stimulated Appetite and Decreased Nausea

Research indicates that Delta-8 is antiemetic, which means it helps combat nausea and vomiting. It also stimulates your appetite, which means it’ll give you the munchies.

During a 1999 study, researchers found that Delta-8 successfully prevented vomiting in a sample of children between 3-13 years old with varying hematologic cancers. This finding indicates that Delta-8’s antiemetic properties are significant enough to warrant more studies.

Both the antiemetic and appetite stimulant properties make Delta-8 especially helpful to people with cancer and eating disorders. 

5. Possible Neuroprotective Benefits

Research also indicates that Delta-8 has neuroprotective benefits. That means it protects your brain against damage, degeneration, or impairment. That way, your brain cells will function to their fullest capacity.

Prior research shows that Delta-8 promotes the production of acetylcholine in your brain. This enzyme boosts cognition, memory, and neuroplasticity, which helps your brain function better. Although we need more research to examine these properties, the existing research shows a lot of promise!

Never Fear—Delta-8-THC is Here

55 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once. Good thing Delta-8 is making cannabis more comfortable for people who need it.

So what is Delta-8? It’s a way to make hemp and marijuana more accessible to people with specific conditions and needs, an audience that cannabis businesses don’t target often.

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