What Happens When You Lost Inches But Not Weight?

Overweight or obesity can significantly disrupt normal active life. In this modern era many factors contribute to excessive weight gain such as change in lifestyle, metabolism, medications, family history and genetics, health conditions, environment, etc. hence it is crucial to find out the root cause of obesity so that you can start working inthe right direction instead of following one-size-fit weigh loss solution which is rarely effective and fruitful. For maintaining healthy weight people have to focus on energy balance which is quite simple and straightforward.

Do proper research

 Reputable metabolic weight loss centers such as www.newenglandfatloss.com believe that everyone is different so does their DNA, fitness goal, age, lifestyle, medical history, etc, hence design an implementable, sustainable and effective program as such fitness enthusiastic do not have to do huge alteration in their lifestyle and habit for keeping the weight well maintained.  Before choosing any center or program, it is advisable to evaluate the performance of the center and the effectiveness of the program for a fast and desirable outcome.Consider a few factors beforehand

  • program offered
  • expertise of coach
  • mobile app for tracking progress

Weight loss basic

As the total body weight is made of muscle, bone, fluids, organs, fat, waste and glycogen hence when there is a reduction in the scale, it might not be the reduction of actual body fat. Losing body weight takes time hence rely on experts in the fitness industry and be well informed about the link between calorie intake and fat burn so that you can keep watch on your food and calorie burning process. If you eat more calorie than you burn it will result in overweight hence get the best diet and exercise plan and promote a healthy and happy life.

Avoid negative thoughts

Being obese might induce some negative thoughts such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, etc. hence with a best motivational coach who will help you to stay focused enhance the quality of life.

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