What haircut to choose for think Hair

Men, stop puzzling, thinking what kind of haircut to choose if you have thick hair.  Discover three perfect haircut ideas for thick hair, that are in NYC hair trends.

Classic short haircut. No matter whether straight, smooth or curly hair you should not lose sight of the short haircut.  Choosing this haircut, the hairdresser should use an individual approach, taking into account the location and growth of hair, to make the image balanced. Sometimes, a light graduation will be enough to highlight your face. The natural thickness of your hair will do the rest. Result: a volume haircut is easy to lay every day. This ideal option will help tame tight curls and avoid hair that will stick in different directions. If you have straight hair, dare to male bangs with light filigree. Wear it long, barely laid, which will make your look even more stylish.

A bet on destructive haircut. If you want to keep the volume of hair, then such a haircut is for you. The hairdresser should shave the hair on both sides and on the back of the neck, not touching the top of the skull. If you have straight hair, try the image of dandies. You can also complement your appearance with a beard trimmed to your image.

Try haircut of medium length. Is your hair soft or wavy? Let us try your hair mass to the average length. The key to a successful haircut lies in the skill of the hairdresser. He must create the necessary structure for a haircut, slightly shaping the hair. Ideally, the length of the hair should reach the shoulders and never fall below. If you have straight hair, it should not be long, otherwise you risk getting the effect of flat hair. Long hair has more problems than you think but anyway it looks awesome and breathtaking. 

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