Choosing CBD oil for dogs

You may want to ask; can CBD oil be used on dogs? However, you must understand that the pets you keep have behaviors that are similar to humans and the environment affects them just like it does humans. Dogs go through stress resulting from the environment or due to a health condition. Therefore they also need products like CBD oil that would help deal with such conditions.

The CBD oil market is now flooded with different types of products from different companies and therefore choosing the right one for your dog may be an uphill task. Below are some of the things to look out for when making your choices.

Look for a broad spectrum Hemp

The Hemp plant contains two main products; the CBD oil and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter has psychoactive effects. CBD oil on the other hand has no contents of THC and therefore good for reducing stress and anxiety. When administered on the dog, it will get the same benefits as humans- relieve pain and other immune-supporting benefits. To avoid making wrong choices, read the label on the Cbd oil for dogs well and make sure it is either full or broad spectrum. This means that the product contains other beneficial elements like CBC and CBG. Studies show that CBC has cancer-fighting elements and it blocks pain and inflammation. CBG is responsible for decreasing inflammation in the digestive tracts and also supports healthy bladder among other functions. A mixture of CBD oil and other elements presents your dog with what is commonly known as ‘entourage effect’- different contents working together to give medicinal benefits.

Confirm the method of extraction of the CBD oil

There are several ways of extraction of CBD oil from the Hemp plant but the only trusted means is the CO₂ extraction. Here, the Hemp plant is placed under high pressure with carbon dioxide.  The CO₂ exerts pressure on the plant under low temperatures and CBD oil is released. This method produces the highest concentration of CBD oil than any other and therefore it means it will have a better effect on your dog compared to any other. On the shelves, the product is more expensive than others extracted using other means.

Confirm the certificate of analysis

A certificate of analysis is a document from a third party laboratory that confirms the contents of the cannabidol product. This helps you choose the product with the right content of CBD oil and avoid fake products that are popularly dispensed in the market today. Once you get hold of the COA, confirm that the quantity of CBD oil is the same as per the label on the product, and ensure it is also full-spectrum- if there be any discrepancy, walk away and look for a genuine product.

Confirm where your dog’s CBD oil is grown

The Hemp plant is good at absorbing contaminants from the environment it’s grown. Therefore, you need to check from the COA if there could be harmful elements like heavy metals present- if the result is negative, then that is a good CBD oil product.

Your dog is as sensitive as you and therefore when looking for a CBD oil product, you have to pay attention to the elements in it so that you avoid harmful content and get the best quality that will guarantee a variety of benefits.

Kenneth Bennett Atticus

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