What damage can obesity deliver to our health

What damage can obesity deliver to our health?

The state when your body is filled with excess fat is known as obesity. This problem is seen in a large number of individuals. Additionally, away from the concern of overweight, it can deliver other damages to our overall health. Diseases like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure are general problems for obesity.If the patient is undergoing both obesity and these ailments, then it is a serious matter. Go for the optimal surgery to lose weight in Maryland.

Other health effects of obesity are kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.

What are the signs of obesity?

It is not a severe problem if you have gained some fat in some years. These pounds can getaugment after some time. Knowing that you have obesity, you need to show interest in your BMI (Body Mass Index). Forfinding out if you are in a normal state or not, BMI is the most helpful way. If your BMI is somewhere between 18 and 24, then you have normal weight. You are overweight if you are having a BMI of 25 to 29. An increase in the waist size is another symptom of excessive fat. There can be many health issues because of too much fat around the waist than having fats in other body parts. Possibilities of health risks of being overweight are more in women with a waist size of more than 35 inches and men having waist size above 40 inches. Get rid of those unwanted fats from the belly with the right surgery to lose weight in Maryland.

Bones and joints damage

Obesity can bring damages to the bones and joints. Such effects of obesity on the body can harm both physical and mental strength. Some of the bones and joints problems are spinal disorders, back pain, gout, disc herniation, etc.


Hypertension is one of the key concerns experienced by the obesity patients. It is likely to deliver many ailments, including heart failure, stroke, coronary heart disease, and kidney disease.

Breathing issues due to obesity

The lung capacity of obese patients is pretty low, which means higher chances of respiratory issues. Breathing issues such as asthma are widespread in these patients.


We wrap with all the genuine facts associated with obesity. Search for more info on this topic if you are also a sufferer of obesity.