Top 5 Most Common Ways to Smoke Marijuana

After years of controversy around marijuana use, the market’s expected to hit $73.6 billion within seven years. Since it’s more accepted in the U.S. now, people are learning the many ways to smoke marijuana.

Health risks exist when it comes to smoking anything and marijuana’s no exception. That said, knowing the different ways to smoke weed can alter your relationship with it. 

If you’re looking to expand your weed relationship, you’re in the right place. Here’s what to know about the advanced ways to smoke weed.

Ways to Smoke Marijuana

There are different reasons to switch up your preferred smoking style. Not only will your lungs experience it differently, but so will you. 

The following ways to smoke marijuana serve specific functions.

1. Bowls and Pipes

If you hear someone say, let’s smoke a bowl, they’ll offer you a pipe. Smoking bowls are great for casual social situations.

Like other methods, the bigger the inhale and the longer it’s held, the more THC you ingest. 

2. Bongs

Bongs are large water pipes that vaporize the water upon inhalation. Unlike pipes that heat the flower, a bong’s vaporized water makes for a softer inhale.

As far as smoking weed goes, bongs are the healthiest on the lungs. Keep your bong clean with routine water, salt and alcohol rinses for optimal inhalation.

3. Joints

Joints can be pre-bought or rolled yourself. They’re ambitious to tackle alone, but they’re preferred for many reasons. 

  • They’re portable
  • They don’t use much marijuana
  • They’re potent

Some prefer mixing tobacco with marijuana, also known as a spliff. Others use hash or kief, other marijuana concentrates.

If you’re given a joint to split, be sure to ask if it’s 100% weed or a blend!

4. Vapes

Vaporizers and vape pens are a discrete option for smoking weed. Pens are smaller than vaporizers, but they both function as portable bongs.

While vaping may be softer on the lungs, it can get you higher. Smoking concentrated weed means needing less to get the same effect. Consider if you prefer one hit at a time throughout the day or a relaxed, end-of-day smoke session.

5. Dabs

What are dabs? Dabs are one of the most advanced ways to smoke weed.

Smoking dabs lets you ingest marijuana concentrates like wax and hash oil. Instead of smoking 15-25% of THC, concentrates can triple your THC intake. 

Dabbing requires rigs, nails, dabbers, carb caps, torches, and your wax or oil. If you don’t know how to smoke dabs, you’ll want to start slow at first.

Once you measure your wax, turn on the torch and light the nail. When it’s hot, let it sit for less than a minute. After putting the dab on the nail, inhale slowly. 

Cover it with the carb cap to maximize the hit! Before trying for yourself, read more now to ensure the safest experience.

Marijuana’s Many Methods

Whether you’re new to weed or a religious user, it’s important to know about the different ways to smoke marijuana. That way, you can choose which one serves you and your social crew at each moment.

While bongs are fun at home, vapes are great on the go. Always meet yourself where you are so that jumping from one method to the next isn’t dangerous. Use your best weed wisdom!

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