Tips to Search Out the Best Rowing Machines

To benefit from an ultra-complete exercise, there is nothing like equipping yourself with a rowing machine. 

Before Choosing, Good Reasons To Invest

This device that reproduces the movements of the rowing offers a versatile and particularly complete practice. Additionally, it allows:

  • work almost every muscle in the body
  • combine cardiotraining and bodytraining
  • quickly obtain satisfactory physical results
  • flex the body and harmoniously muscle it

All of these qualities make the rowing machine the beacon of fitness centers. However, even though it seems simple to use, it is necessary to be careful in executing the movement well, otherwise you can apply too much to your back and be injured. That is why the practice of the rowing machine is not recommended for people who suffer from low back problems. You can choose the Best Rowing Machine Under $500 also.

Which Rowing Machine For Which Use?

Each rowing machine is designed to provide optimum comfort for a defined purpose of use. The latter is thus the first element that should guide your choice. Find the sensations of rowing at home? Resume full physical activity? Are you looking for a more intensive workout for sports preparation?

Rowing machines are distinguished first by their traction system. There are 2 that offer you 2 different ways to practice … for different purposes.

The “Scandinavian And / Or Latin” Traction:

If you want to find the most similar sensations at home, this is the recommended model. This system seeks to reproduce the oar gesture as faithfully as possible. Request the back completely. Be careful, the “right” gesture is however more complicated to master and requires excellent coordination, especially if you have never practiced rowing.

Central Traction:

Do you want to resume full physical activity? Or a more intensive (or very sporty) practice? The advantages of central traction now make it the most widespread type of rowing machine, for home or gym use. It ensures a symmetrical traction gesture and great fluidity . Thus, it is easier to concentrate on the correct positioning of the body (straight back, abdominal band) for a job that combines comfort and efficiency.

What Features For Which Benefits?

The Resistance System:

The 2 major types of resistance present. Magnetic resistance: this system is first of all simple to use and the quietest. When turning the selector, the user activates a cable that brings a magnet closer to the inertia wheel, causing greater resistance, therefore greater “difficulty” in traction. All without friction, then with more silence! Interesting to practice leaving the neighbors alone or the children to sleep soundly…

Air resistance: this system has the advantage of offering a very evolutionary practice, with an almost infinite number of resistances. The greater the intensity is of its traction, the greater is the resistance with the possibility of varying the amount of air entering the sump, which directly influences the level of resistance.