Things You Should Know Before Filing a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

A lot of people have filed for a hernia mesh lawsuit to seek compensation for the serious complications and side effects they suffer. These complications include chronic or intermittent pain, bowel obstruction, hernia recurrence, mesh movement or migration, and more. Manufacturers of hernia mesh, a surgical implant, have voluntarily recalled some hernia mesh brands. A lot of other kinds of hernia mesh are still on the market. If you are considering filing a hernia mesh lawsuit, below are important things you should know first:

Know the Manufacturer of your Hernia Mesh

It is important to identify who manufactured your hernia mesh. This will help determine where you can file your claim. Thousands of mesh lawsuits are filed against companies such as Atrium, Ethicon, and Bard. These companies’ hernia mesh products have been reported for causing serious complications.

Consider the Date of the Implantation

Take note of the date when your hernia mesh surgery and revision surgeries were performed, who performed the procedure, and where the procedure was done. You can use any documentation from the surgery like brochures or consent forms. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to address any issues about your possible claim.

Confirm your Eligibility for a Hernia Mesh Compensation Claim

Your attorney should be able to tell you if you are eligible to file a hernia mesh legal claim for compensation. There are strict guidelines for eligibility criteria and deadlines you must meet when filing a lawsuit. Also, where you live can impact your legal rights. Consulting with an experienced attorney can get you answers fast. 

Act Quickly

When filing any legal claim, you must be aware of the deadlines to meet. The time limits are called the statute of limitations, which tend to differ from state to state and depend on the facts of your situation. Thus, you need to act quickly.

Look for an Experienced Attorney

There are many attorneys you can choose from but you must work with an attorney who has successfully handled hernia mesh cases in the past. By hiring an attorney who has worked with other mesh victims will speed up and maximize your compensation claim. 

When you file a lawsuit related to the complications caused by the use of hernia mesh implants, your case will be sent to a court designated to handle this type of lawsuit. The court may be outside your state of residence. That is why you must hire an experienced lawyer, not only a local one.

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