The legality of CBD oil in Germany

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CBD it is extracted from the cannabis plant and cannabis is illegal, right? Not exactly. If you also wonder if CBD is legal in Germany, then you should find your answer today. Yes, it is (still) legal under certain conditions. How it works with cannabidiol and the law is explained in this article.

THC is psychoactive, that’s known. Cannabidiol is different. Cannabidiol, in contrast to THC, does not have a psychoactive effect, we are not “high” when we consume it. There are no mind-altering effects after ingestion that’s why CBD oil is legal in Germany. When it comes to the The legality of CBD oil in Germany then it is for you now.

Legal up to a certain THC content

Cannabis products, ie end consumer products, are legal if the THC content is less than 0.0005%. This guideline value of the BfR applies to foodstuffs such as B. Hemp Seed Oil also dietary supplements are therefore covered. Each CBD oil is therefore legal in Germany if it contains less than 0.0005% THC, whereas crops in the field are again subject to the BtmG and limit the content to 0.2%. This information is also attached to the products as a rule. The products marketed in Germany in any case contain less than the stated percentage of THC, otherwise they should not be sold but you can even pay attention to whether the THC content is really below the tolerated limit in order to take no “risk”.

Won from useful hemp

In addition, the CBD available in Germany is obtained from Nutzhanf. This means that the cultivated cannabis plants hardly contain THC anyway. The cultivation of such plants is legal for companies, if a permit exists.

Conclusion: CBD oil in Germany for consumers legal?

All in all: CBD is legal in Germany at least in practice. You can buy it as well as carry it with you. So you do not have to worry about trouble threatening to buy hemp oil with cannabidiol so far you’re on the safe side. Hopefully that will not chance that fast.

Cannabis soon legal anyway?

You may have heard that cannabis and its legalization are currently under intense debate. In some US states, it is already legal, as in many countries. Who knows, if it will not happen soon in Germany if it comes to that, then we have to ask ourselves the question, if CBD oil is legal in Germany. Although we are both unsure whether it would make sense to repeal the narcotics law in connection with cannabis, but who knows. We are curious about what the future holds for us.

Update: You’ve probably read the green info box above cannabis oil is legal for us end users and it stays that way. Inclusion in the Drug Prescription Act is particularly relevant for traders. For us consumers, it is only important to ensure that we have CBD in quantities that are considered as own use with larger quantities one would presume that one acts as a reseller the trade in prescription drugs is of course prohibited. Until all this is clear, anyway, it requires either further legal regulations or a decision by a judge.