The Greater Choices with the Detox Program You Can Opt for

We absorb the laws of dealing with alcohol almost from childhood. We have watched the bestial state of drinking-bout again and again. This cannot be said about cocaine. About the consequences of its use, the majority of users are aware of the information, and in the methods of emergency help with overdose we are guided by the film “Pulp Fiction”. Cocaine does not cause ataxia (impaired coordination) and dysarthria (speech confusion), like vodka; under him do not yell songs in a bad voice, and do not bluff under the table. The temptation is great, and punishment for its vagueness does not seem much more real than the Last Judgment.

The Right Assortment

In the press, it is difficult to find a balanced and honest assessment of cocaine as a doping, as a social phenomenon only unconvincing horror stories: “Do not sniff kill!” In this case, users themselves chuckle, removing the next track from glass shelves, specially installed in the toilets of most nightclubs. Someday for all it is necessary to pay we, type, in a course.

But today everyone seems to be alive. And yesterday they sniffed, and also all are alive. Well, except that the blood gushing with the nose from the perforation of the nasal septum, so it’s even funny, especially from the side. Well, unless irreversible changes in neurometabolism and the brain so go figure it out, what does it mean. Well, except that light depression overtakes in the morning, so it is easily removed in a known way. And the fact that in this depression some leave from a window, open veins or sit down for a wheel probably, This is where you can count on the performance of the detox thailand now.

If you are somehow familiar with the subject of our conversation, get acquainted with the opinions of specialists and the curious statistics that we have collected without sentimentality, without moralizing pathos, without snot. And then, as usual, decide for yourself.

If you do not smell coke, do not use stuff, etc. Perhaps you are unfashionable. Although there is another explanation perhaps you are just an intelligent person.

Stir and not blab

According to the Federal Drug Control Service, under the guise of cocaine they sell something that only remotely resembles it.

80% of the Additive

According to law enforcement agencies, at retail drug dealers sell cocaine mixture, for the manufacture of which two kinds of additives are used: inert and anesthetic. The former include relatively harmless talc, sucrose, lactose and the like, which do not react with cocaine and do not affect its effect on the body.

As anesthetic additives, drug dealers, as a rule, use novocaine, lidocaine and analgin. They relieve unpleasant pain that occurs when you inhale cocaine through your nose. Theoretically, for such substances as for some other medicines, a person may have an allergy this is a matter of individual intolerance.

20% pure cocaine

This is the average percentage of pure cocaine in most confiscations seized from drug dealers. The maximum concentration never exceeded 30%. The smaller the dose to be purchased, the more casual the dealer, the lower the percentage. In early February, a small Moscow drug dealer seized several grams of cocaine. In the study, it turned out that the cocaine itself in the mixture was only 3%.