The Essential Opportunities for Tantric Massage

Everything suggests that Tantric massage, a practice strongly inspired by Buddhists, will push your partner towards an intense sensory experience. A bit like meditation, body and mind will be one before reaching ecstasy.

Heat the room

It is important to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perhaps by lighting a few candles or adding pretty cushions. By reading the second point, you will understand why you should warm the room beforehand.

To be naked

One of the peculiarities of tantric massage is that it is practiced completely naked, without towel or undergarment.

Being with your partner

You will understand that this practice is done only in the presence of his life partner or his sexual partner. Unless otherwise stated, no massage therapist will offer this form of massage.

Use oil

It is hot massage oil that is used for the exercise of tantric massage. You can induce it on your hands.

Improvise movements

The wonderful thing about this massage is that no technique is necessary. The idea is to move your hands all over your partner’s body, by pressing lightly on the energy points (chakras). Each part of the body should be touched as if it were an erogenous zone, but no masturbation should be performed.

Breathe deeply

It is important to invite your partner to breathe deeply. This is one of the keys to being able to surrender to the other.

Listen to each other

Tantric massage allows you to connect with our partner: stay tuned. Even if sexual intercourse is not an end in itself, this practice can be seen as a new way to reach orgasm.

How long has it been since you’ve been petting your partner for a long time (and vice versa)? It’s time to try out a thousand-year-old ritual: tantric massage! To awaken your senses as a duo without any rush, follow our ultra-sensual instructions.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Forget all your preconceptions about the issue! Stemming from a doctrine diffused in certain branches of Hinduism, tantric massage is not a bizarre and hypersexualized deviance, on the contrary. It is about becoming aware of all parts of your body, without judgment or projection, in order to better feel all the sensations and to circulate the vital energy. This means that we will massage the feet, stomach, back or genitals without differentiation, avoiding masturbation. The person who is massaged adopts a slow and deep breathing, he tries to live the present moment, without eroticizing it, even when his erogenous zones are caressed. In short, tantric massage is meditation applied to the whole body to make it vibrate entirely.

How Does Tantric Massage Work?

The basis of this moment of bonding is trust and relaxation. To get in the mood, we dim the light, we put a sweet playlist. We can even light a scented candle. It is advisable to get naked to better relax. Tantric massage in itself consists of rubbing oil on your hands and making large enveloping movements on all parts of the body, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, with a particular touch on the seven chakras (energy centers between the perineum and the fontanelle). The pressure should be light, the touch soft, slow, sensual. There is no fixed method; everyone listens to their body and that of the other.

Why Is Tantric Massage Cool?

Because we tend to make love mechanically and because tantric massage allows you to start on a good basis. In this intimate moment, we communicate better with our partner and we are more at the height of our desires. Because the tremors felt can lead to a total orgasm and not only genital. Because if the massage results in a sexual act, the pleasure will necessarily be increased tenfold!

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