Take Advantage of Our Business Referral Franchise Opportunities

Working with families to help them make a decision about their loved one’s long-term care is one of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences you can have. When you take advantage of our business referral franchise opportunities, you’ll grow your own business and make a good living while helping people in your community at the same time.

Working out of your home and using our proven and supportive business model, you will be able to guide families through the difficult decision making process of finding the right long-term care for their loved ones. You’ll research all of the care resources available in your community and become the go-to person in your area for all questions related to elder care. You’ll visit care facilities, research their care records, and talk with staff members to identify the best in your region.

Around 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will need at least some type of long-term care services, and the number of people in America aged 65 or older is expected to be 88.5 million by 2050. There is definitely a market for helping families sift through all of the material available and walking them through the decision-making process.

We have a deep and broad understanding of the industry, customer base, and market in general. You’ll have all of the support you need to create a thriving business. We have a solid reputation for cultivating relationships with key individuals in the industry, and we provide trustworthy expertise to people who need help finding the right information about care facilities.

You’ll get reliable marketing and referrals to locate new customers and referral partners to further help your business grow. We leverage technology and utilize a wide variety of systems and processes that have consistently brought us the results that have helped us built a strong and reliable company.

We strive to be the leading brand in the assisted living, dementia, and residential care placement service industry. Our franchisees are experts and provide dependable information to their clients. They accompany them on tours to the facilities they want to visit and make sure any questions are answered. Additionally, they help with the paperwork necessary for transition and follow up with the loved one and the family to ensure success.

For the best in business referrals franchise opportunities, you’ve found the right company. We support your growth through our extensive network of business referrals.

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