Reflexx Inc The Ultimate Hand Therapy Device

Reflexx is an all new innovative product that’s designed for helping people to regain mobility and relieve pain in their hands and fingers. It has a simple design that’s easy to use for people of all ages and all hand sizes. Reflexx makes it easier for people to find relief from conditions in their hands or simply sore joints and muscles.

The D-shaped design of Reflexx gives users a spot to rest their fingers and hands. There’s no strain or active engagement required, making it a great tool that you can control yourself. The handle is where your other hand rests, equipped with an easy to grip surface that ensures a safe grip. Your other hand is used to enhance the stretch of your fingers, helping you to have a relief of pain in your fingers and handda

Reflexx works by gently stretching the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your fingers, hands, wrists, and even your forearms. It helps greatly to relief pain and stress that you experience every day.

A great thing about Reflexx is that it’s small and compact, perfect for you to take anywhere. Whether it’s at work or just when you’re out in public, it’s easy to slip into your car, purse, bag, and anything else that you carry. This is especially a great feature of it if you constantly experience pain in your hands and need to stretch them throughout the day.

Invented by a healthcare expert with over thirty years of experience, Reflexx was made with the intent to simply help other stretch their hands, wrists, and fingers without having to squeeze. Squeezing can sometimes be difficult or cause more pain, so Ronald Berkbuegler designed a product that doesn’t require any squeezing.

Reflexx is great for people experiencing pain of all kinds. Carpal tunnel, arthritis, sore fingers and hands, no matter the case, Reflexx can work for anyone. Even if you experience slight pain from texting frequently or playing video games often, Reflexx can help to stretch out your muscles, ligaments, and tendons to make your hands feel amazing again.

Don’t be afraid to use Reflexx if you don’t suffer from intense hand pain though. The tool can be used to better your hands and make them healthier than they already are. Flexibility can be improved, and even mobility in people who have healthy hands and don’t suffer from pain.

After using Reflexx even just once, you’ll feel a euphoric and pleasant feeling in your hands. Once stretched and flexed comfortably, your hands and fingers will feel satisfied.

Reflexx is currently a Kickstarter project that you can check out here. If you’re looking for more information and would like to make a contribution, consider visiting the site to learn more and get your hands on one of these amazing tools as soon as they’re available.

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