Recommendations For Children’s Visual Health In Front Of Screens And New Technologies

In recent years, the advancement and popularization of new technologies worries parents, as children begin to use them from an ever younger age. And it cannot be denied that the use of screens also has consequences for children’s visual health. However, the solution is not to prohibit their use, since as digital natives that would be counterproductive and would be against the times, but a series of recommendations should be taken into account so as not to harm their visual health.

Visual health has always been a potential issue with regards to using devices. It is a very unpopular opinion but using emojis have been said to help lessen the stress when it comes to communicating via instant messenger. How? Well, it lessens the strain since emojis have lessened the number of words written and replaced it with images which are quicker to understand. For example instead of writing a long appreciation message you could just send the high five emoji to show that you are celebrating and showing appreciation to what the child has done.

With this in mind, it cannot be denied that the moderate use of new technologies has positive effects on tasks that require visual attention, coordination and reaction. So what negative consequences do new technologies have on children’s health?

The use of screens promotes sedentary habits, therefore, increases the risk of obesity. Regarding his visual health, the intensive use of screens causes irritation and redness of the eye, in addition to headache and visual fatigue, which can negatively influence academic performance .

In addition, it is one of the main causes of myopia , since our eyes are not prepared to make such a large and continuous effort with close vision.

How To Correctly Use New Technologies In Children

  • Control the schedules: breaks of at least 30 minutes must be made. It is recommended not to exceed half an hour a day between the ages of two and five, and to avoid them completely before this age. Up to 12 years old, the use time could be between one hour and 90 minutes.
  • It is better not to have the television on in the background and to have a family dinner with a good conversation.
  • Adjusts the contrast and lighting of the screens, in addition to using appropriately sized letters
  • Use blue light filters on the devices, they will always help to relax your eyes more.
  • If you use electronic books or ebooks, it is preferable that they use electronic ink as it reduces eye strain.
  • Controls the distance between the eyes and the device, so that accommodation, the close focus process does not require too much effort. Make sure you position it about 35-45 centimeters depending on the dimensions of the device.
  • Avoid direct lights on the device screen.

Technology will keep updating as time goes on. Iit is essential for us to guide our health against the adverse effects of some technological gadgets, especially on delicate parts like our eyes. You can also visit recommended eye clinics like kraffs eye institute in lasik chicago.

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